Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My recent item for my
Trickster’s Realm column
over onBOA. It’s different, spacey, but that was the tone of the day. Something about Harvey (the movie) a ghost of a dead priest, and invisible aliens. Oh, and global disasters. It’s called The Invisible Aliens so there you go.

As far as owls go, giant or otherwise, owls are everywhere it seems. I’ve been working on a piece about the very silly owl theories of Joe Nickell for the past month or so for UFO magazine; then I see a thread on the same topic over on UFO Mystic, Greg Bishop’s and Nick Redfern’s blog. Owl synchronicity!

Owls are also in crypto news; the
Cryptomundo blog
has an interesting thread going on over there right now about “owls, the CIA, and mystery millionaires.”

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