Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mistres of My Domain

I have Orange registered as my domain name, and went with Yahoo services for my web site/host people. Not the best probably but they were nice, quick, and cheap. I'm a bit frustrated with the lack of templates and ease; they're either too stupidly simple, not leaving any room for html or anything of your own, or they're too -- hmm, "stodgy" I guess. And one seems promising, except it's only for people with PCs, not Macs.

So I'm inputting everything from scratch, using html, which I'm limited because I'm: a)lazy, and b)not all that knowledgeable. But enough to get by.

My new email is Here's my new email; it's

The new website; still under construction of course, is The Orange Orb


Ray said...


I went from doing a website to a blog on Blogger. When it works, Blogger does save time. With my own website I have to update and archive all the time, messing around with folders, links, and HTML; it doesn't have automatic archiving like my blog.

But Blogger can be problematic, a real pain, as you know. Is that why you're going with your own website, to have more control and less hassles in the long run? Just wondering.

I've made a half-attempt at my website to start a "blog." I haven't updated it in a while, but it's there in case Blogger should finally screw up forever.



R. Lee said...

Hi Ray,
I love the blog format; but I also like the idea of getting up a web site. It won't replace the blog in any way. And, I want a back up in case blogger decides to eat up all my blog entries again.