Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Luca Jr. Comments on "Luca Land"

In February, I wrote an item on Bob Luca Jr.’s contention the Betty Andreasson Luca UFO abduction was a hoax. He recently commented on that entry:

I am Bob Jr. First off, I did not leave the family 30+ years ago. You didn't read my web page or my write-up carefully enough. I had my falling out with my father a couple years ago. also, it is my father who backed out on taking a lie detector test side by side with me. I am ready willing and able. He declined. The item he posted in the paper about me was blown out of proportion. It is when I hit rock bottom from drinking and I called for help. I went in for rehab from drinking. He should do the same! My father just kicks up dirt, but will not debate me as what I say is the truth. Note for the record he is on psyc. medication, and not me! He still won't have the lie detector test done with me. Why is this. He could then proove me wrong so why won't he. Also, my statement about moving out when I was 19 refered to me being on my own and my father never lived on his own, but always with his mom and / or with a woman, but never alone. So I would read up better before you jump to conclusions to the story. What I print is true and there will be more testimony from more people soon. I amdoing that since he copped out of that lie detector test.

I replied that I did not say he left the family thirty years ago; I said the case was more than thirty years old.

I also told Luca, Jr. that I had freely acknowledged I didn’t give his site full attention, and the reasons why I didn’t.

You can read more on the original post here.

Whether you’re an experiencer,UFO witness,skepti-bunkie, skeptic, or wherever you land in all this (as with all UFO and Fortean experiences) all any of us have are the stories of others. Intuition goes a long way, and more of us should trust ours. As I commented to Bob Jr. no one knows the “true” story, certainly not me. However, based on his presentation, my own experiences, research, and intuition, I’m not so quick to buy into his his story either.

And in a not unusual bit of synchronicity, as I was writing this, I found this link in my email box from the UFO Experiences blog; an interview with Betty Andreasson.

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