Friday, March 23, 2007

Six Degrees (Kind of) of UFO Type Separation

"Diane, whenever two events happen simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention!" ~ Special Agent Diane Cooper, Twin Peaks

A great quote that can be applied to many a Fortean and UFO event. Special Agent Dale Cooper, a character on one of the best TV shows ever, was played by David Duchovny, who played Agent Fox Mulder on the best TV series ever, The X-Files. (Amends: no he didn't. As Daniel Breton pointed out -- see comments below -- it was Kyle MacLachlan who played Cooper. David Duchovny played cross dressing agent Dennis/Denise Bryson.)

I found this quote on
Peter Levenda’s blog, via Lesley, author of The Debris Field Blog.

The quote leads into an entry by Levenda on the E. Howard Hunt/Kennedy/Monroe assassination association. For more on this read Levenda's entry. The dizzying associations between Hunt and occult-covert forces makes for very interesting reading. There’s much more here than I’ve mentioned; I don’t want to spoil anything, check out Levenda’s blog.

Layers, connections, relationships, ships in the night, juxtapositions -- all part of UFOania.


Daniel Brenton said...

Regan --

Forgive me, my dear, but Dale Cooper was played by Kyle MacLachlan. David Duchovny was in the series, much to my surprise. He played a cross-dressing DEA agent, Denise/Dennis Bryson ... as per the final authority on everything, Wikipedia.

(I didn't realize Duchovny was in the series until now.)

I do have to agree Twin Peaks was one of the most amazing series on television ever, until it ran out of steam part way through the second season. I particularly loved the scene in the mysterious Red Room with the dancing dwarf. Wonderfully twisted stuff.


R. Lee said...

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the correction. I'll fix it at some point. I've forgotten Kyle MacLahlan was in that as well. I really liked that show a lot, as well as the score. I still have the music to that show and play it sometimes.