Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going Under

I started a thread on the Book of Thoth forum on aliens. Specifically, “intelligent, invisible” aliens. I’m very sure about the intelligent, invisible part, not so sure they’re aliens from space. One thing I do know for certain; they’re not human.

I asked, in the thread, if anyone has had similar experiences to mine regarding these “aliens.” I described what I’ve experienced a few times: the powerful knowing that these entities (and they always “appeared” in multiples, never just one, but a small group) were present. Each time thinking I was going crazy, until others confirmed it, without me saying anything.

Interesting responses, including from Jeremy Vaeni’s comments. Jeremy has a column in UFO Magazine, and creator of the film No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story. Jeremy interviewed me for UFO Magazine (Grilling Regan Lee, April issue) and asked me, as he did in the Book of Thoth forum, why don’t I say I’m an abductee? I responded that I can’t say I’m an abductee, since I don’t recall anything about aliens (never seen one) (well, not quite) (ah, the chimera like state of UFOlogy!) or being taken, or probed, etc. So how could I say I’ve been abducted?

In the thread, Jeremy asked me if I want to know. Why don’t I go under hypnosis, for example.

Why don’t I want to be hypnotized? Wouldn’t that be easier than going the very long and convoluted route I’m going?

Why do I read book after book after book on UFOs and related phenomena? Aside from being a flying saucer junkie, what purpose does it serve? It seems I’m doing everything but simply saying: “Hi, my name is Regan (“High, Regan”) and I’ve been abducted by aliens.”

I just can’t do it. I don’t know that I have. It seems ridiculous to say I am just because I could have been.

Dr. David Jacobs said a couple of things at the recent McMinnville UFO Festival: he said that close encounters aren’t random. And neither are repeated sightings, or even the far off sighting, sometimes. I’ve experienced all of those. That sent chills up my spine.

Maybe I live in the Nile; denying the obvious. I mean, how much does a girl have to go through before she says “I’m an alien abductee” ? Two episodes of missing time, intelligent invisible aliens dropping by, several UFO sightings, including ones involving precognition, close encounters. . .

I say I want to find out what happened to me, and yet I’m doing everything except “go under.”

Maybe I’m scared to death. (If so, why? But there you are. I’m a big chicken.) I don’t trust hypnosis, I’m not sure why. Or even what I mean by that.

And am I being a hypocrite by encouraging others to tell their stories, and urging researchers to include all the data, not just the data they like, while I sit back here and balk at “going under?” (Hmmm, maybe the phrase “going under” has a surreal-Freudian-Jungian-poetic-subconscious-don’t-go-there connotation I don’t want to deal with.)

For now, I guess I’ll stay with working my way through the piles of UFO and related material I have strewn about the house, writing about UFOs, blogging about UFOs, and dreaming about UFOs. Yes, I had a dream the other night I was abducted, but in the dream, I didn’t remember being abducted -- just the part about missing time! Even my subconscious won’t go there with me.

In the meantime, I would like to hear from others about their experiences -- or just thoughts -- on the “intelligent, invisible” aliens. If you’d like to share, go over to the Book of Thoth forum and join us.


Patrick Glancy, CH said...

Came across your blog here. Was interested in your hypnosis comments. Memories are subjective and can be manipulated. If you tell/imagine/visualize an event enough times, you can create a "memory" that would be present under hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a truth serum. That being said, it IS possible to bring up memories that are "repressed". The hypnotist just has to be careful and knowledgable about what they're doing.

BTW, your "going under" fear is common but not accurate :)

Patrick Glancy, CH

R. Lee said...

Patrick, thanks for commenting, and your insights.

I took a look at your site; and, you're in Oregon! I've bookmarked it -- I'll be doing some further exploration.


JaneDoughnut said...

When you says that others confirmed your experience, were they there, or saying they'd had similar experiences? I don't think it's at all uncommon to feel like you're being watched by unseen people.

R. Lee said...


In each case, the people who confirmed it were there at the time, experiencing the same thing.

Ray said...


If I may play the Advocating Devil for the moment…

Because of all of the UFO material that you see, is it possible that you’re creating a “feedback loop?” Your experience is real, unusual, but isn’t paranormal as such. You find comfort in dealing with it through the alien abduction motif.



R. Lee said...


Well, I haven't said my experiences with UFOs are paranormal. They could be; I suspect in some ways, there's that connection. On the other hand, if we take it literally, it isn't paranormal at all. Since I don't know I can't say. And I don't.

I also don't say I've been abducted. In fact, I've been saying over and over, in many places, that I won'tsay I 've been abducted, since:
1. I doubt it, just in general terms.
2. I never saw any aliens, or remember in any way any kind of "typical alien abduction" stuff.

So I'd be lying, or maybe that's too harsh, but I'd certainly be making it all up if I were to come right out and say I've been abducted.

As to "Finding comfort" LOL -- if I wanted "comfort" I wouldn't be trying to find out about these anomalous experiences. Paranormal. alien-abduction, or what have you.

Two people, at two different times, experience missing time. That's a fact.

Why, what caused it, is only speculation.

Two people saw UFOs. Fact. What the UFOs were, is anyone's guess. That part is speculative.

I'm not going to ignore the fact part to make it easier for myself, or others.

Context is helpful and can't be dismissed; since missing time in one case occurred (fact) with the UFO sightings (fact) it's perfectly reasonable to assume there's very likely a connection between the two.

It may be paranormal, or, not.
It may be aliens, or, not.
It could be LSD flashbacks, or not. Though really, that's silly.
It could be psy ops mind control Dr. Evil stuff. Or not.
It could be both people were mentally deranged. Some sort of shared psychotic episode. All are possible, and some more likely than others.

All speculative.

What path would you follow to explore such events? Religion? Some might. Science? A bit; sure. As in, what kind of man made object or natural event could explain the UFOs. So far, nothing's turned up.

Missing time? See above. Not much there either.

We're left with the as yet unexplained, the anomalous, and a nebulous connection to some other state. May be paranormal, alien, who knows.

But I will not own this: that I somehow have reformed my experiences into a pop culture UFO scenario.

I may not know what happened, but I know it did. (hey, that makes sense, really! lol)

Ray said...


I was going to post this over at the Book of Thoth forum but I just registered there and I'm waiting for verification. Anyway, this is mainly a follow-up to my last post here.

In regards to my comment that someone might find "comfort" with the alien abduction motif: for some people any explanation is better than none, especially when the alternative is that the universe is purposeless, "indifferent" to us. What about those experiencers who have recalled horrific abductions but later they reconsider those painful events as beneficial, that they have made sacrifices for the greater benefit of mankind?

Back to the main topic: I don't believe there is One Answer to what is going on with paranormal events. There is a list of answers that individually or in various combinations that provide an explanation to an event.

A possible answer regarding what could be going on: a moment of self-individuation. My speculation: an individual's mind creates or allows an unusual experience that symbolically expresses the individual's apartness from objective reality.

Sometimes these moments can sync between two people. During such a moment you notice from the body language or facial expression of the other person that he is also experiencing a similar sensation.