Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Mystical Denied

From the Daily Grail site, they ask, in response to a Reason magazine article:

"Why are psychedelic substances which invoke mystical states outlawed, while established religious groups which lack nearly all mystical elements are given freedom and benefits? That's the question raised in a recent article in Reason magazine, which features a brief historical overview on scientific research into mystical states brought about by psychedelics, including the 'Good Friday experiment".

Excellent damn question. The reason, I suspect, has to do with giving “the people” too much room to move within thinking outside all those little boxes we’re crammed into since birth, as well as creativity, peeks into the “other,” questioning authority and that cliché but all too true nonetheless: subverting the dominant paradigm.

Because when you stop believing the lies and silliness religious leaders give us, as well as going along with the majority systems (Christianity here, for example) you’re trouble for the controlling bastards.

What does this have to do with UFOs? If you have to ask, you haven't taken enough!

Daily Grail link to Reason magazine:

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