Thursday, May 10, 2007

Too Many Blogs . . .

And websites and books, magazines, podcasts, DVDs, TV programs and radio shows that deal with UFOs, Forteana and the paranormal.

This is not, as many cranky chronic skeptics spend their time reminding us, a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. As with all things, there are the expected number of vapid blogs, etc. that deal with these topics. That obvious tidbit aside, most of them are actually very good, with individuals ranging from the experiencer or admittedly self-appointed pundit (not a bad or wrong thing) to the better known and published authors.

The only problem is, one can’t get to it all. It’s not that it’s “bad,” -- quite the contrary. It’s that there just isn’t enough time, unless one is retired or independently wealthy and has plenty of time to peruse the wealth of information in books and on the internet. Even then, as interesting as it all is, there are other things to do that have little to do with any of this UFO stuff: walk on the beach, for instance. I could spend all day walking on the beach.

I still have a large stack of books I’ve ordered recently on UFOs and related subjects. I’m still reading Greg Bishop’s Project Beta (very good, and everyone should read it to get an insight into mind control, disinfo, manipulation and obsession in a UFO context.) I started that book a long time ago. And still, mocking me on my nightstand, are Professor Daniel Wojcik’s The End of the World As We Know It: Faith, Fatalism and Apocalypse in America (and I’m even listed in the acknowledgments, and I haven’t read it yet, all these years later!) Frank C. Feschino’s The Braxton County Monster, on the cover-up of the ‘Flatwoods Monster,’ David J. Hufford’s The Terror That Comes in the Night, and many more.

Not to mention the MUFON Journals I haven’t quite finished yet, or the UFO Magazines. I’m still working on something from the issue before this one (on Colin Bennett’s “anti” MUFON article) and UFO Media Matter’s “Worst Person in the World” article taking Bennett to task. What to do? I admire both.

There are many unique blogs on The Daily Grail, as well as all the other blogs on Bigfoot, UFOs, metaphysics, etc.

No, there just isn’t enough time to read all the good and interesting material out there. So, while there are the bad, nasty, mean, stupid, pointless, silly and truly mega industrial wacked out blogs and books, it’s easy to identify them pretty quickly. We’re still left with lots of good stuff out here.

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Ray said...


Information overload. I find that organizing the inflow helps a bit. I use to subscribe to my favorite blogs via RSS/Atom/whatever other nerd terms. That way I can quickly review the “headlines” all in one place. Also, there’s a service called Feedblitz that automatically emails the latest post from one blog I follow.

Even then there’s no way to keep up; stuff falls by the wayside. Besides being overwhelmed by data, I also have problems with retention. I know I read something somewhere about a particular topic but what in hell was the source? And this is less than a week later!


Ray X