Saturday, May 12, 2007

Unexpected UFO Serendipity

Two unexpected UFO related items:

The first, from Lisa Shiel, of the Bigfoot Quest blog. Shiel has shared her knowledge of restricted airspace in relation to government/military testing of craft. (The Truth About UFOs and Restricted Airspace.) Shiel questions the almost meme lake idea among many UFO researchers that many craft (like the Triangles) are military. Shiel insists they aren’t ours, since they can’t be flown over civilian/populated areas. Furthermore, there is plenty of restricted airspace where these flight tests can be done. So why fly over public areas here and in other countries (as with the case of Triangles.)

Excellent points, and good solid factual data. I respectfully have a nagging argument here though: just because the government isn’t supposed to, doesn't mean they won’t, can’t, and don’t. I don’t know if the Triangles, for example, are ours, ET, or something else, but I do know one thing: they exist. I’ve seen them.

Shiel writes about the Bigfoot UFO connection, and it isn’t completely surprising she would have UFO entries on her blog, though her focus is on Bigfoot. Which brings me to this nice tie-in concerning self-promotion: the current issue of UFO Magazine includes my column on Lisa: Wild Women: Weird Bigfoot Research.

The other unexpected find was a UFO report, made by someone here in Eugene, Oregon. The report was from January 22nd of this year. I followed the link from UFO commentator and researcher Billy Booth to UFO Casebook. It’s an interesting sighting: different, and seems to be of two objects, as well as a possible humanoid creature.
Then I saw the name of the witness: Nahu. Nahu is the author of UFOs: God From Inner Space and other books, and the subject of my next article for UFO Magazine!

(image source: UFO Evidence website.


Lesley said...

I have to agree with you Regan. I think it is possible that they do fly such things over populated areas every once in a while. To them it may be research to see how people react and they may and probably do have other reasons too. It isn't to test the craft, it is to test us.

R. Lee said...

It isn't to test the craft, it is to test us.

Yes, I've been saying that for years. But then, as Lisa says, it's hard to keep secrets. Her articles on this are interesting; she's grown up on military bases, ....

On the other hand, if you decompartmentalize enough, threaten enough, and have individuals who believe that what they're doing is right, true and good for America, it's easy to keep things secret.

And yet, on the other hand, lol: the triangles, for example, have been seen for decades with little change in design. That's always struck me as odd.

Not to mention the decades long "experiment" over civilian areas; I mean, how long does it take?

If they're holograms, which has been suggested by some, then not that many would be involved. Like the chemtrials -- if you partition the jobs to enough people, with various stories, and have remote controlled devices, -- and all the while, various departments doing various things without the other departments knowing or caring about the other -- it's easy to carry out seemingly covert experiments.

And, of course, it could always be something completely different.