Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"How Do You Know It Wasn't An Angel?"

I missed much of Jeremy Vaeni’s interview on C2C. I did catch the part where Jeremy was explaining his sighting, and he was very clear and upfront and came across quite reasonable and credible. Noory came across as a bit flippant, even, and then he asked Jeremy a question about the sighting: “How do you know it wasn’t an angel?” Or something to that effect, I’m paraphrasing, could have been "Do you think it was an angel,?" etc.) I almost fell off the chair! What the hell kind of question was that?!

Turns out Jeremy V. wants to know the answer to that too. So I was expecting Jeremy to come back on air, along with Budd Hopkins: I was looking forward to an interesting conversation with experiencer and researcher. What would Budd have to say to Jeremy? Knowing Jeremy’s style and humor, what would his responses be? But no Jeremy! Turns out Noory ditched him.

One of the things that strikes me as odd is that both Jeremy and Noory write a column for UFO Magazine. (ahem, as do I.) Don’t some of the columnists read what their fellow writers write? Naive of me, probably. I know I read the entire issue cover to cover. It’s like being in a club, and you chat with the other members who are in the same room. Noory didn’t seem to do much homework in that regard.

You can follow the thread about his appearance on his blog:I Was Kicked Off Coast.

Speaking of UFO Magazine
I received a letter from a woman in Northern California who had read my column and wrote to me, detailing her own UFO experiences with “an orange orb.” It was nice to know someone took the time to write a “real” letter (no e-mail, but a handwritten letter) and share her story. If I have her permission I’ll write more about this later on.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

I was pretty disgusted myself...


Did Noory aspirate his nose hair?

...And he's there at C2C until 2012?

I'm with Vaeni! Mr. Noory is a clueless douche. Moreover he owes JV a huge apology.

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R. Lee said...

Hi Alfred, how are you? Good to hear from you. Yes, that was an astounding question from Noory. WTF indeed.

LOL at "Did Noory aspirate his nose hair?"


Ross said...

R.Lee nice thoughts on the situation. I really am starting to think Noory needs to go....