Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Occam's Razor in Context

Occam’s Razor

Just a passing comment on a comment made by David Rudiak on UFO Updates regarding “Occam’s razor:”
Occam's razor is not only the simplest explanation, but _the
simplest explanation that best conforms to the available
evidence._ Big difference. God being all-knowing and making us
out of mud 6000 years ago is a much simpler explanation than
billions of years of evolution, with all its various lines of
evidence involving physics, astrophysics, chemistry,
biochemistry, genetics, comparative anatomy, etc. But Evolution
through natural selection best fits the pile of evidence that's
been accumulated by science over the last two hundred years.
Evolution wins the Occam's razor contest. God's a loser.

Good point!
You can read more by going to UFO Updates.

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