Monday, June 25, 2007

UFOs in Eugene?

UFOs in Eugene

Just a passing thought: doesn’t seem to be the same level of interest in UFOs here in the Eugene area as there is ghosts. Even though Eugene is considered a “mini UFO hot spot” (I read that somewhere) there isn’t any local UFO group. There’s a MUFON chapter in Portland, two hundred miles away. There’s a state wide paranormal society; TEPS (Trial’s End Paranormal Society.) Last time I heard from them, they were interested in starting up a UFO department, but don’t know what came of that. A new group is forming in Eugene; if I have their permission I’ll post more about it. Their focus seems to be on ghosts, although, again, they are interested in UFOs. Their first meeting is in a couple of weeks; maybe I’ll know more at that time.

There was also Oregon UFO Review, run by Eric Byler in Salem, Oregon. Oregon UFO Review had investigators all over the state, but last few times I’ve checked, they seem to have disappeared. If anyone knows anything about them, I’d appreciate an e-mail or comment.

There is a loose group of individuals here who are interested, and they meet informally a few times a year. I hesitate to name them; I don’t think they want the publicity. There isn’t any investigation going on, per se, but sharing of information and ideas.

The local media seems to have ignored UFOs in the past few years as well. Ten years or so ago, they were far more active.

I know there are plenty of sightings in the area; I hear about them all the time. I’m sure MUFON in Portland, NUFORC, etc. do as well. What purpose would a group serve? Not sure. First problem is, as soon as you have a ‘group” you’re in trouble. Too many meetings, rules, etc. I'm not wired that way. But a loose resource center for local, interested parties might be nice.

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