Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fatima: Oracle Cards and Fernandes

I collect Tarot decks, so I had to get this one, the Fatima Oracle cards. I just ordered it today. I'm not crazy about the artwork, but how could I resist; what with my interest in UFOs and Marian Apparitions?

Here's an interesting item from Joaquim Fernandes on UFO Updates from January, 2000. (Fernandes is author, along with Fina d'Armada, of Extraterrestrial
Intervention in Fatima - the apparitions and the UFO
I tried ordering the book this past Christmas but Amazon.com told me it was unaviable. I haven't tried too hard since but I'll get around to it soon. It's a book I'm very interested in reading.

According to the item on Updates, the book says that there there was, at Fatima, a
a "fourth percipient" namely Carolina Carreira, whom
describes a "telephatic type of contact with a fair-headed being
of small stature who instilled into her head a repetitive order

Microwaves, beings from above; all very interesting. Vallee of course has written on the UFO/paranorma connection between events like Fatima and other religious apparitions, as have others.

This subject alone -- the UFO/Marian Apparition phenomenon -- is enough to keep one busy!

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