Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Orange Orbs

After I saw my orange orb in the 1980s (here in Oregon) I searched for years in UFO books, etc. for something that was similar to what I saw. But I didn't find anything. I still haven't found anything, but I've found things that come close. Of course, it's difficult to get an accurate idea, since all I have to go on are the one or two images of someone's orange orb UFO. There's no way to get a good overview based on that. Still, it's interesting when I find things that sound, and look, close to what I saw.

This one, also seen in Oregon, from the Coast to Coast site. Tehre's a comparison with another similar orb UFO.

This site has several images of UFOs in the Vegas area. Scroll down to the orange image he calls an "orange cheerio."

These images of orbs show different colored orbs, including yellowish orange.

Some of the orbs on these sites date to the 1970s, 1980s. Some are recent.


CindyPDX said...

Hi R Lee.. I discovered your blog via The Debris Field - a favorite blog I found a few weeks ago-that I visit daily.

I am the one who submitted that comparison photo to C2C when I heard that Lazar was to be on the show. I rarely ever listen to C2C but in late 2005, (long story) I found Lazar's video and thought it looked similar to my video. Believe it or not, but I had never heard of Lazar until late 2005. I only submitted that comparison shot as sort of a question to C2C and Lazar - wondering if what he taped in 1989 was the same as what I tried to video tape here in Portland, Oregon in 1992.

I can assure you, the video does NOT show the brilliance that this thing was that night in 1992. It's like the camcorder blocked out the intense sharp brightness and showed a shape. We've not seen this sort of thing again, but have seen other strange things around here in the same area...

R. Lee said...

Hi and thanks very much for your comments. I'd like to hear more about your sightings/experiences if you care to share them. You can always email at if you choose to correspond privately.

The orb I saw was pretty big, about the size of a big beachball. It's approximate of course, but it wasn't a little light, it was big.