Sunday, July 29, 2007

UFO Semantics, Part One

UFO Semantics, Part One

Either through outright, intentional obtuseness in the case of pathological skeptics, or lazy journalism habits of media people, the question “Do UFOs exist?” continues to be asked. (Variations include statements such as: "UFOs don't exist," etc.)

UFO means unidentified flying object. Unidentified.
We have proof of the existence of UFOs through photographs, video, film, and eye witness reports. A huge amount of data gathered from all over the world.

This data has consistently shown (proven) that unidentified flying objects are in our skies.

What is there to debate? Nothing. If UFO means “unidentified flying object,” and you have a photograph/video/film/report of an unidentified thing, how can anyone who is rational and sane, deny what is in front of them? And what’s in front of them is an unidentified something.

All the rest: assumptions about extraterrestrials, or psychological manifestations of unintegrated mystical experiences, or government mind control via staged UFO events, etc. are just that: assumptions.

Anyone who denies that “UFOs exist” isn’t paying attention, are guilty of making assumptions, play games with semantics and are often disingenuous in their insistence that “UFOs don’t exist.” (as with skeptwoos.)


Lesley said...

Good point!

CindyPDX said...

I've been irritated with how the "media" put it out there with such things like: "Do UFO's Exist?" "Are UFO's Real?" and "Do YOU believe in UFO's?"

(Most recently irritated with the LKL show "Are UFO's Real? ") Well DUH!

It's rediculous! Whether or not I BELIEVE in UFO's, whether or not UFO's are of military or ET origin: there are UFO's out there that are UNIDENTIFIED.

Take for instance this recent story from out of Memphis TN:

The witness who took the pictures of this odd thing was very sincere (as heard in the video) and just wants an explanation to what it was (like many of us do when we see something) It's just the way the "media" puts it out there.. X-File music etc. The way they report it all is really frustrating.

It's a wonder ANY reports of sightings are mentioned to the media because of how they handle it.