Tuesday, August 28, 2007


(Beach Blanket Bingo,1965)

Not much UFO entries here lately, and it's partly due to the winding down of summer. I refuse to accept it; but a lot of good that'll do me. I go back to work Thursday. Well, at least I'll be going out of town for the long weekend.

It's good to take a break from the UFO arena for awhile, though it's never away from me. I just haven't been writing about it much on-line. Lots of funny weird stuff on Mating Hedgehogs however, one of my other blogs.

There's a lot I could say regarding UFOs concerning the nonsense some people seem to enjoy getting into; I don't know what it is, but otherwise intelligent, mature adults just go nuts every few months and start flinging cow poo all over the place. It's hard for me to take these people seriously or not call them things like "thugs" when they seem to take some kind of pleasure in jumping right in and throwing punches. But what's the point? Other than comment and say "er, yes, we all are aware of your fighting boys" and just let it alone.

MJ-12; some things going around about that on UFO Updates, UFO Mystic, Other Side of Truth, and elsewhere, and it is interesting. Maybe I'll comment later on that. For now, as much as I admire Stanton Friedman -- and I do -- I've always had the feeling he was the victim of an elaborate and planned disinfo campaign. That doesn't change things really -- I'll explain that later. Maybe. Shrug. Can't grow up my own damn self and "get" that summer is over, I will return to work, ... etc. But back to MJ 12, what is there about the new info that makes that any more true/real? Like everything else, grains of salt. . .

What else. Some UFO stuff going on here in Oregon; a woman by the name of "Cindy" has been in contact with me, I think I mentioned here a bit ago I'll get around to posting something on that.

And spending time with the esoteric, for sure, just not UFO -ish so much: drumming, writning (fiction, not fringe topics) and intent,cards, and things moving within on a personal level (all good) and all that New Age stuff. But it's all good, and as the saying goes, we can change our stories, since we're the authors. So my new story for end of summer and returning to work is still to be written, but it'll be new and positive. It'll be mine. And that's a good thing.

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