Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Sleaze: Sex in Space

Well, this will wake you up! Before going out into the world at my "real" job, I checked the usual: e-mail, Anomalist, Debris Field, UFO Updates and UFO Review. I found this link on UFO Review, and a warning for those squeamish about such things, it's on the graphic side.

The relationship between the UFO phenomena and sex is an interest of mine, so naturally I clicked on the link at UFO Review Sex Therapists From Space. It's on site called "The Sleaze" and they seem to be about sex and Forteana in a big way.

And with that, I'm off to work.


Stuart said...

I hope a hard day's work and a cold shower will have sorted you out and calmed you down by the time you get home. For all our sakes.

I am pleased that UFO Review is seen as the home for UFOlogical sleaze and smut. You are welcome Regan to contribute, annomously if you must.

Stuart said...

Hi again Regan,

Its not that I wish to make an ongoing issue of this but you might be interested in the fact that there are two more "mucky" related stories on my web site today that might be of interest, purely from an intellectual pov you understand.

Aliens, zombies and sex — what's not to like?

On the Prowl - Bisankoni looks at witchcraft and sex

Its fun being an academic, isn't it.

Jeremy said...

I don't get this. It doesn't seem like your article is slamming this guy but he's left two comments in the child-hurt-ego stylings of our friend Assclown. Am I totally misreading this or is that what's happening? Can no one take criticism in this field ever? (Or, again, am I totally misreading this whole thing and you two are friends?)

R. Lee said...

Thanks for the comment. No, we're not "friends" and I agree, it is possible my inclusion of said info is misread as some sort of attack, which it isn't. As consistent readers of the Orb know, I'm all into the sex aspect of UFOs. That either amuses, disgusts, or frightens some people. Oh well. Shrug.

Truth be told, I almost didn't allow those posts, but then, there's nothing outwardly nasty, annoying or trollish, and there isn't anything outwardly mean to, or about, others. So, I had to let it be posted.

I won't put up with nastiness or overt insults, towards me or others. (Except the Raelians. Oh, and Henry Makow. Er, maybe George Bush. NO, wait, definitely George Bush.)Other than that, I can't get too school marmy over stuff. (being a school marm, of sorts, I should know, lol.)

R. Lee said...


Thanks for taking time to comment. I will be so shameless in the future and submit info to your UFO Review, thanks.

I'm not an "academic" but am most definitely interested in many aspects of the UFO phenomena, including the sexual stuff.

valiens said...

R. Lee:

I like sex too. Just sayin'.

By the way, what are you doing tonight?