Monday, August 20, 2007

Orb Roundup

It's time for blatant shameless self-promotion and reminders:

  • In the current issue of UFO Magazine, I share my thoughts on the Triangle UFOs. No conclusions, just musings. (Of course, if I, or anyone, had conclusions, there'd be no mystery.)

  • Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasaquatch, my Bigfoot blog.

  • Mating Hedgehogs, my other blog on: media, culture, sex, para-politics, Dr. Evils, Forteana, esoterica, paranoia, Genetic Food Manipulations, animal rights and welfare, art, feminism, Americana, and whatever else I feel like.

  • For Trickster's Realm on Binnall of America: Finding Sasquatch.

  • I'm also around on UFO Digest and American Chronicle.

    Fyre said...

    Hi Regan,

    This is unrelated to the above post, but I just wanted to point out a moment of irony....The Anomalist referred to you as "he" today. After all the blogs you've posted about women in Bigfoot research I found that almost funny. Almost. :)

    R. Lee said...

    Hi Fyre,
    Yeah, I get that a lot. (see above post.) Thanks for the comment!