Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yeah, I Get That A Lot

I'm not complaining, much, after all, I'll take any free publicity that comes my way, good or bad. I ignore the bad (or try my best to) and take the good.

The goodly Anomalist very nicely put a link and blurb in today's edition for my "Finding Sasquatch" piece on Binnall of America/Trickster's Realm. For that I thank them.

But just so everyone knows, I'm not a "he" I'm a "she." I don't know why this mistake is made a lot, but it is. It might be because of the name Regan -- it's also a man's name. But, it's also a woman's name. It might be because I often use "R. Lee" to sign off with, though I don't see why that would make people think I'm a guy. So I've included some photos of myself to prove to everyone I really am a chick.

I've been "accused" by a troll/psychoid-skeptoid or two in the past of "wanting to be like a man, and "writing like a man" and while that's very funny, it also points to their thick headed misogyny.

In the case of the Anomalist, I just think it's a matter of them being very busy and not having or taking the time to notice the rest of my blogs, or the blurbs around my columns elsewhere, etc.

With a few others, they're obviously idiots.

Mostly though it's just an honest mistake. So for the record, I'm not a "he" I'm a chick. Check out my blog "Mating Hedgehogs" if you have any doubt, lol.


Jeremy said...

Wait, you're a woman? Ewe, girl germs!

What does "writing like a man" entail? Just curious.

By the way, what year is this?

CindyPDX said...

Well said Regan!! I LOVE IT!

We named one of our twin boys Cameron. But people often think of Cameron DIAZ and that the name is female. However, it is actually a Celtic MALE name that means bent or crooked nose! LOL
See meaning of Cameron here

Hmmm.. maybe people associate Regan with Ronald Reagan? Or they associate it with "REAGAN (male) or REAGHAN (male or female) which are ALL of Celtic Origin
Read about it here

I don't know - but the spelling of your name "REGAN" also reminds me of the female name Megan. In any case, I do love your name!

CindyPDX said...

Oops!! HERE is the MEANING/ and Origin of REGAN (female - Shakespearean Origin

You definitely have COOL NAME REGAN!

R. Lee said...

Hi Jeremy,

As usual, you crack me up.

I dunno, that's what some clown shoe wrote about me once.

Yeah, I know, I have girl cooties. Run! Run away!

R. Lee said...

Thanks Cindy.

Yes, my parents met in drama school and that's how I got my name; from Shakespeare. Guess they were feeling very theatrical at the time.

Regan is a Celtic name (I'm of good Scottish English stock, among other things) and I've known both men and women with Regan as their first name, spelled that way too.