Monday, October 22, 2007

Non-extraordinary Reactions to Extraordinary Things

Regardless of the cause behind the UFOs, the fact is the UFOs exist, and we have every right to talk about our observations and experiences.

That's a quote from me. Yes, I'm quoting myself. My recent piece on UFO Digest, on the orb/UFO sighting of the Lafuers in Albany, Oregon and chronic skeptics.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

...Even an obligation, I suspect.
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CindyPDX said...

I enjoyed reading your article on UFODigest Regan. It's strange how some people react in a "non-extraordinary way to extraordinary things" And more strange is probably those same folks have their "blind faith" in a GOD they've never seen! But don't get me wrong - I believe there is a God or a higher spirit even though I've never seen "him". But in the same respect, I am positive about UFOs as I've seen a few myself that have boggled my mind for years!