Saturday, October 6, 2007

Noory, Meet the Flintstones

Remember when Jeremy Vaeni was a guest on C2C with host George Noory, and that now infamous question: “How do you know it wasn’t an angel?” (Something to that effect) was posed by Noory?

Poor Jeremy had just related, in very forthright and clear terms, an experience he had with a UFO. A craft. And Noory, out of the blue, all he can find to say is, “How do you know it wasn’t an angel?”

A pin dropping was heard throughout the land that night, my friend.

Last night Noory did a similar thing, but not so bad. He had open lines and a woman caller related her story of being taken to Venus where she saw both the grays and the reptilians. The grays were all right, but the reptilians were terrifying. Anyway, she had to get out of there because the poisonous air and gases on Venus was starting to get to her, which is quite understandable. I hear it’s quite hot up there.

The woman mentioned that this was some time ago, and that the grays looked like what Barney and Betty HIll saw. Noory then asked if she thought the characters Barney and Betty from the Flinstones were named after the Hills! That struck me as very funny. Maybe it was all the cold medication I’ve been talking lately but I just about fell out of bed at the surrealness of that question.

Barney and Betty Hill had their abduction experience in 1961. The Flintstones aired from 1960 to 1966. There was an alien introduced to the series in October of 1965: “The Great Gazoo” was a little green man from outer space who crash landed on earth in his flying saucer. What I find interesting is that only a few could see Gazoo; only Fred, Barney and the children saw him.

I don’t know what motivated the creators of The Flintstones to introduce Gazoo; some sources call it the moment when the show “jumped the shark.” That’s possible, or maybe it was one of those disinfo/programming campaigns by psy ops. Or someone’s vision of blending visions of America’s space program with a popular children’s show. Any number of reasons, or any number of combinations of reasons.

A bit of the trickster is seen here as well, for Gazoo thinks little of humans, tries to help Fred and Barney out anyway, but ends up making things worse. And of course, only Barney and Fred, and the kids, can see the alien. As Gazoo tells Fred and Barney in one episode, after not showing up earlier to help them as promised: “I”m not only undependable, but I’m a bit of a kook.” Gazoo does tell them he’ll try to help them, but for Fred and Barney to “be careful for what you ask for, you might get it.”

Gazoo didn’t appear in any Flintstone spin-offs, but according to the entry on Wikipedia, he is a Flintstone vitamin, has appeared as a promotional character for a contest, and is “the mascot for Marshmallow Mania Pebbles cereal.” (Wikipedia.) There is also a Great Gazoo Wacky Wobbler toy you can buy. (Which of course I have to get.)

I’d forgotten about Gazoo; when I was a kid, I thought he was kind of neat, but didn’t see how it really fit. The whole thing was disconcerting. I liked the Flintstones and have good memories of watching the program.

To your right on the side menu, at the top, is a feed from YouTube on Gazoo Flintstone episodes. Have a look, and have fun.


Great Gazoo Wacky Wobbler


Greg Bishop said...


I don't listen to C2C unless someone I know is on (or Jacques Vallee makes a surprise visit) but this comment by Noory is really funny! Did he make the comment with tongue planted firmly in cheek, or was he joking?

In a recent entry at ufomystic, I wrote this:

...a mixed-race couple from Massachusetts reported that they had met the Ufonauts in a spaceship, and the message was decidedly not sweetness and light. In 1963, Betty and Barney Hill were used in a new “exhibit” to tell the world that the UFO enigma was once again changing its creative arc. (Actually, it’s strange and funny that their abduction occurred right smack in the middle of the Flintstones run on ABC, which might also be part of some cosmic joke or synchronicity.)

So Betty and Barney (Hill) had their experience after the Flintstones started its run.

Regan Lee said...

Hi Greg, thanks for posting. The dates seem to be out of synch; I remember Gazoo but not when he first appeared. Wikipedia gave the date as '65 unless I'm mis read it. Thanks for the clarification.

Noory, well, it sounded like he was a bit serious, I can't tell with him. Maybe both.

KMart said...

My resent research on the very subject came up with an interesting bit of info.

It seems that a newspaper (or the such) reporter heard of Barney and Betty(Eunice) Hills Hypnotism session and ran with the story. Until that time I understand that Barney and Betty was not well known for the event except by friends, church, etc.. It wasn't until the reporter reported that Barney and Betty Hill became well known.

The kicker of this is that the story came out on Sept. 25,1965 and Gazoo was introduced to the viewing audience on Sept. 29, 1965!

??????? REALLY ????? One heck of a coincidence don't you think ?

Of course I am only going by what I read and yeah yeah , I know, it is only four days to make up Gazoo and get him on the air but all and all not impossible especially when looking for a shark to jump !