Sunday, September 30, 2007

Giant UFO in Los Roques Venezuela

I don’t know what to make of this video clip of a UFO out of Los Roques, Venezuela. At one point it seems the object hits the roof of a building as it goes over. It seems it’s making a sound, unusual for UFOs. And I’m always suspicious of any time there’s video of a UFO; the camera is tracking the sky, why? There’s no context here. Still, it’s interesting enough to take a look. However, Venezuela does have a lot of UFO activity.


valiens said...

I'm always suspicious of footage like that where the camera person isn't screaming his/her head off.

R. Lee said...

Hi Jeremy,
Good point. I'm always suspicious of things that look too good, too perfect.

Why was the filmer looking at the sky in the first place? Why did the UFO clunk down onto the roof, that seems awfully inept.

Siani said...

It looks like a dirigible of some sort, that's maybe experiencing problems. Either that, or its a hoax.

R. Lee said...

A blimp makes sense.
Doesn't seem like the mother ship from out there . . . :)

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