Thursday, November 1, 2007

Entering Trickster Fortean Land: Orbs in the Skies

Curious about the white orb or sphere like objects I’ve seen twice now, I did an internet search. Nothing deep or terribly scientific, just an idle Google here and there on “weather climate control monitoring objects orbs” just to see what would turn up. I did “images” figuring if I saw something close to what I’d seen, I could look further.

About the orb (s) I’d seen. They weren’t orbs in the ghostly lights spirit energy see through “orbs” but solid, real machines. Both times I saw them in relation to chemtrails. I have no idea if they had anything to do with the trials or not, but that was the setting. I saw them both during the day, about three weeks apart, and in the same location; right in the skies above my home. Both times there was a witness present.

We (we being my spouse and myself) thought it was some kind of monitoring device; to track weather, something like that. Maybe to gather data due to chemtrail activity, maybe something else.

Over the past couple of years I’ve come across a few photos of similar looking objects, and in similar situations. So something is up there, doing something.

I found a similar photo again during my search that linked over to Mac Tonnies Post Human Blues blog, but every time I clicked on the link, it froze. Then I found this at the bottom of the Google image page:
In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at here.

Things get stranger. I did a search for "orbs sky eugene oregon" and found this link. Scroll down a bit to “Alpehnhorn News Links Illness With Yellow Chemclouds, and click on photo. That’ll take you to more and a “click here for full story” which takes you briefly to what looks like a forum page and then -- whoosh -- a screen pops up in black with red lettering that the site’s been hacked by a Turkish terrorist group. Or anti-terrorist group. I don’t know what it’s about.
So okay then; we’ve entered the realm of trickster fortean land.

This morning I checked Lesley’s Debris Field, and find this. It’s not what I saw -- not white, nor sphere shaped -- but there have been a lot of things seen in the skies lately and in connection (seemingly) with mundane jets and trials, as well as the not so mundane trials.

Much closer to home, I found this on I did a search on his site: orbs chemtrails, and found this article from August of 2000 about trails and orbs. Photo accompanies report.

What does it all mean? I have no idea; though there are a lot of possibilities of course. They could be true so-called ‘ET UFOs,” plain old UFOs (well, they are that) simply man made objects to monitor effects of trials, or the weather, spy bots, who knows. Someone knows of course, but it isn’t any of us.

For those of us looking up and taking photos of these things, it’s data, and we know what we saw. It’s maybe not so surprising I guess that if you make the concentrated effort to look up all the time -- really look up -- you’ll see all kinds of things up there that, ostensibly, shouldn’t be there.


CindyPDX said...

Regan, what color were the ones you've seen? I've seen white ones, silver-metal looking ones, gray ones and a really odd vibrating black one - later realizing it was near a contrail back in July 2006. BUT all were solid so I never labeled them "orbs" and call them spheres instead.
Many pics and/or videos I've seen from others out there often call them "orbs" even though the objects look solid. Throughout the months of May and June on 2007 on NUFORC - there are severalvery similar reports reported from folks in Oregon. Some called these "things": circles, planets, balls, orbs, or spheres. I had a 30 minute sighting in MAY of them myself and tried like hell to tape them. Often people do see these "things" but have a hard time finding them in the viewfinder.

Then there are people who take pics / video of the clouds / chemtrails or planes in the sky and later find that they ALSO taped these strange objects. I think if they had looked really close (with the naked eye), they could have seen them in the sky but like me, will have a very hard time trying to locate them in the viewfinder. Elusive lil' buggers they are!

R. Lee said...

Hi Cindy,
Good point about calling them "spheres" -- that's what they are -- and it doesn't confuse the issue with the ghostly orbs. I'll use that from now on.

The ones we saw were white. I should have added in my entry, that through the binoculars, one of them changed shape from a sphere to a sort of dumbbell shape that was not visible to the naked eye. I saw a photo of something just like that on the internet.

Both times, we tried to take photos, but no matter how hard we tried, couldn't find it on the viewfinder, or, when we thought we might have gotten it, it didn't turn out.

Dustin said...

Have you ever seen my picture Regan?

Check it out here.

Metallic sphere is what I've always called it, and after I posted this last time, I did get a few people e-mailing me to say they've seen the same thing and/or videotaped it, etc.

Seems to be a fairly oft noticed phenomenon, so I've always been amazed that there's so little discussion of them.

jackamo said...

The well documented (testimony, pictures, video)link between chemtrails and the orbs/spheres that seem to manifest in the wake of a spraying operation illustrates the limits of both "ufology" and some (but not all) researchers into the chemtrail phenomena.
Each subject can have a tendency to define itself in terms of what its not even though exactly the same objections are raised by both sides, the dreary chant of "this will lose us credibility if we start talking about this" raises its mundane head.
The irony of the consensus reality bubble is that the phenomena they both study, both chemtrails and "ufo's" [extra-terrestrial/human-made/time travel/hyper-dimensional - take yr pick]
has no objective existence outside the mind of the 'believers' and researchers.
The very argument that is levelled against each subject is precisely the argument that each subject uses against the other.

And yet it moves......

Speaking personally, the overwhelming body of testimony, images and video suggest that "chemtrail spheres" do indeed have an objectivity and the sooner both "camps" realise that each phenomena can act as a window into the other, the more this will be discussed.
For an absolutely amazing website specifically devoted to chemtrails and "ufos", go to Brenda Livingston's "" - the site is amazing and so detailed.
Its not that well known so spread the word!


CindyPDX said...

Excellent post Paul and thank you for Brenda's Web site. VERY INTERESTING!!! The one pic of loopy loop of contrails there on the site looks a bit familiar to me. PRIOR to Oct 31st 2007, I've never seen anything like that personally but I got an EYE FULL on Oct 31st 2007. TONS of loopy looped contrails, circles over SE PORTLAND, Oregon. Mind you, I live about a 10-15 min. drive directly SOUTH of the Portland International Airport. AND NO it was NOT some airshow going on.. no way- certainly NOT the place to do it. I have NO idea what they were doing up there at 15 - 20,000 feet high and flying like that! AND I caught them in the ACT and taped it! So I am POSITIVE the many cirles, curved and loopy loop contrails they were making were NOT caused by the wind. I was so freaked out by what they were doing up there from 10:15 am to 12:15pm that I took no notice to see if anything else was up there along with those strange white large planes -definitely NOT small planes - but LARGE white / ghostly looking planes. I've lived here all my life and have NEVER seen anything like that. I wanted to call it in but had no idea who I could have called. It could have caused some major problems not only up there but for those on the roads and on the nearby I-205 hwy. It was extremely distracting! If not "spraying" us, then they were WASTING A LOT of gas!