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More on Sky Spheres (formerly orbs)

On the recent post: Entering Trickster Fortean Land: Orbs in the Skies
Cindy PDX left a comment on yesterday’s entry: Entering Trickster Fortean Land: Orbs in the Skies. She said she calls them spheres, which is a good label. Use of the word sphere distinguishes the solid objects seen in the skies connected with trials from spirit/ghost or energy orbs.

Both Cindy PDX and another commentator, Dustin of the Odd Things blog, stated they’ve seen these spheres as well. So has Lesley of The Debris Field blog. Dustin and Lesley have photographs and video of what they’ve seen.

Another commentator - name of Jackamo -- had this to say:
The well documented (testimony, pictures, video)link between chemtrails
and the orbs/spheres that seem to manifest in the wake of a spraying
operation illustrates the limits of both "ufology" and some (but not
all) researchers into the chemtrail phenomena.Each subject can have a
tendency to define itself in terms of what its not even though exactly
the same objections are raised by both sides, the dreary chant of "this
will lose us credibility if we start talking about this" raises its
mundane head. The irony of the consensus reality bubble is that the
phenomena they both study, both chemtrails and "ufo's"

Good point. He recommends a site:
Speaking personally, the overwhelming body of testimony,
images and video suggest that "chemtrail spheres" do indeed have an
objectivity and the sooner both "camps" realize that each phenomena can
act as a window into the other, the more this will be discussed. For an
absolutely amazing website specifically devoted to chemtrails
and "ufos", go to Brenda Livingston's "" -

I visited the site, and found it to be very interesting. Brenda has a lot of specifics, details, and images.

And Cindy PDX replies again, this time to Jackamo’s comment, where she agrees with his points, and givers her favorable impression of the suggested website. She also mentions the white planes -- long, white planes, mentioned by many who make a study of these trials. These planes are odd; unmarked, long, white, and high up. Really high up.

Recently in Eugene, Oregon
Speaking of chemtrails, while out on the playground yesterday I saw one a’ coming from far off; I turned for a few seconds, it couldn’t have been more six seconds, certainly not more than ten, and when I looked up again, the trial was now past me! That’s awfully damn fast! It had made its way from way off, to over my head, and beyond. . . I didn’t notice any craft of any kind, but the speed of the trial surprised me.

Today there were more; including a huge, wide twisty one (often seen) above our home. I looked studiously, hopefully even, in hopes of getting some images, for spheres or other unusual things, but nothing.

Close to Home
Doing a search for chemtrails in my area (and specifically on the weird circle chemtrail a few years ago) I found this article from the Creswell Chronicle: (The town of Creswell isn’t far; about 12 miles from here.)
Spirits in the Skies?, byline Curt Deatherage from October 5th, 2006.

Deatherage writes about Coast to Coast, and how he’s been a listener for “ten or twelve years,” and in particular, about the night Art Bell had chemtrail researcher William Thomas on as a guest:
One program I recall vividly from 2000 was Art Bell interviewing William Thomas regarding the contrail/chemtrail controversy. I literally had no clue what a chemtrail was, so I listened with great interest and curiosity.
He goes on to say that, while he hadn’t given much thought to chemtrails, after listening to the program he started to look up. (like a lot of us.) And he found some interesting things. Including the circular trails I was looking for:
One of the most mysterious sightings in our skies occurred on July 24, 2003, about 2:30 in the afternoon, with numerous reports of sightings of five or six circular, interlocking contrails throughout western Oregon.

The Register-Guard reported, "the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the aircraft were performing "military peacetime training," possibly along the Oregon coast."
One thing I’ve always had an issue with about the comment concerning “military peacetime training . . . along the Oregon coast” was that these could be seen in Eugene, a good fifty miles from the coast.

I found the image from the Eugene Register Guard:

Colin Bennett on Chemtrials: A Fortean View
One of my favorite authors, Colin Bennett, wrote on chemtrails: Chemtrails: A Fortean View A New Look at a Mystery of the Skies in 2005.

On the visibility of the trails, Bennett writes:
This changing of the skies of the world full previously of traditional pantomime clouds to a sky scored by lines of whitish-grey streaks is totally ignored by major news, media, and communication outlets. This is strange again given that the effects are quite spectacular and beautiful when lit by the evening sun. The trails spread out at different rates, they come from different angles, and the aircraft that create them can be seen streaking across the sky, often several at once, and at extremely high speeds.

(He mentions the high speeds of the planes as well.) Yes, these things are up there and can be easily seen by anyone bothering to look. What astounds me are the ones that do look - often only after prodding to do so -- and their response, which is a shrug, a "well, huh, weird," and business as usual.

What is incredible is that Bennett, with many others on an international scale, did their own observations:
Over the past year, the Combat Diaries team have conducted a special investigation of chemtrails over Britain. With the help of specialists (some ex Royal Air Force), we conducted a 16 hour period of observation by web, telephone, and amateur radio of the skies over America and Central Europe, from first light to last light, taking into account time differences. The results were quite disturbing. It was obvious that simultaneous operation by large numbers of quite visible aircraft were being mounted over continental areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Through contacts, we managed also to get reports on this selected same day from the civilian staff of merchant and cruise ships crossing the Atlantic. They reported that sky trails were visible in whilst sailing in mid Atlantic.

Bennett goes on to mention the incredible speeds, unmarked white planes, and amazingly high altitudes of these planes. Ever the commentator on Fortean phenomena -- which includes the people as much as the phenomena -- is this insightful and all too true observation on the whys of people who deny, or just don't get it:
Our collective “not-seeing” is unusual if only because chemtrails are much more visible and more frequent than UFO visitations. We are forced to consider the idea that levels of conscious acceptance and recognition within a culture have often nothing to do with how much “evidence” is available. All anomalistic structures have this common peculiarity. Somehow, like a bioelectric switch, as a society we turn most anomalies “off” as far as social cognition is concerned. This is a most common effect. The phenomenon may be large or small, fantastic or mundane, it makes no difference. We cannot see the kitchen matchbox in front of us, say, because we are have been diverted into thinking about something else. We don’t have enough RAM to hold all our files open at the same time!

Cindy PDX

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CindyPDX said...

Regan, This is not a very good video, but wanted to show what I tried to tape on Oct 31st 2007 regarding purposely made CIRCLE / loopy contrails over SE Portland, Oregon.
I've lived here all my life, and NEVER have I seen so many loopy loops, circles and curved contrails - in a 2 hour time frame. I posted more info about the event on BoT under the UFO topic under the thread called : "Chemtrails - full force Again".

I uploaded this video on DailyMotion HERE
as well as on Youtube HERE

Someone saw my vid and sent me an email saying HE SAW THE SAME THING going on in SEASIDE, OR the same day! I thought it was the day before but he saw it the same day!

**sorry for the few cuss words in the video, but I was really shocked about what I was watching**

Mind you I live VERY close to PDX Airport - so I am positive this was not some Air show. And these were not caused by the wind because I caught them in the ACT of making them. They were either lost, wasting gas, or SPRAYING US.

To top that off, TODAY, Nov 3rd 2007 while outside in my yard, I see a few contrails in a straight path against the brilliant blue sky. However, some contrails made "X's" and I'll be d@mned! I watched / observed yet another WHITE SMALL SPHERE hovering above the one X contrail for close to 20 minutes! I could see it with my eyes, and found it in the binoculars, but only caught a few frames of it on video. It doesn't prove much but at least I know I was not seeing things. AND to top things off this white sphere was VERY similar to the TWO Spheres I watched for close to 30 minutes back on May 30 2007.

If you blink, you could lose sight of it or you may find it suddenly in a different spot within a blink of an eye. They hover and are very still. I rarely see them move - I see clouds or contrails move along but NOT these spheres.
They can go so easily undetected - I said it before, and I'll say it again.. they are VERY elusive lil' buggers! What they are, I have NO clue. Are they OURS or THEIRS?