Friday, November 9, 2007

A Strange Anniversary Conversation

Today is our 31st anniversary. Being old and tired, (but hardly bored with each other) (as you’ll soon see why) we agreed to stay home after a long hard day at work, enjoy our bottle of good wine and Trader Joe’s pizza, and each other. Tomorrow, rejuvenated with the weekend vibe (three day weekend for me!) we’ll go out and have fun.

So tonight, of course we’re watching the Larry King program because it’s the UFO show. (More on that later.) My husband, let’s say his name is, er, “George,” was pretty good about remaining quiet, although he managed to interject a good number of outraged sputterings, especially when Oberg was on, but overall, George behaved. It wasn’t until the very end of the program that George said to me:
“We've had weird UFO abductions or whatever happen,at least twice. That one in L.A. was the weirdest.

I did a huge “huh?!” I asked:
What do you mean, ‘at least twice?’ And, what do you mean, the L.A. one was the weirdest?!

In Oregon years ago, we saw the Orange Orb, that followed us on our way back in from Cottage Grove about 30 miles away. That incident included missing time and what I've always maintained a sighting of a silver sphere hovering above a pasture on the way out.

Turns out that’s wrong. At least according to George.

So we shouted at each other -- out of excitement and ‘wtf’s” not in anger -- just your basic abduction confusion:
Me: “What do you mean, that’s wrong! We saw that orb coming back from Cottage Grove when we lived on Friendly St.!”
George: “No, we saw it when we lived on Hilyard."

Oh boy.

So we went round and round, and it turns out, according to George, this is what happened:
1. Something weird happened in L.A.
2. Something weird happened in Oregon, when we lived on Hilaryd St. near the University of Oregon.
3. Something weird happened when we lived off Lorane Highway, at the top of Friendly St.

George: No, no, you’ve combined two different sightings into one thing. Your memory’s been messed with.”

Me: “How do you know it isn’t YOU whose memory wasn’t messed with?”

(I was pretty proud of that one.)

George just looked exasperated. He insists he’s right. I remember it the other way.
I don't remember anything weird at all happening when we lived on Hilyard.

It’s quite possible of course he is right, and does remember the incidents more accurately than I. Regardless, it’s clear we’ve both experienced some very weird things through the years.

L.A. (West Hollywood area)

I remember that one just fine. Well, obviously not all of it. Neither one of us do. If we did, that’d be a different story. But we both agree on this one; we agree it happened, we agree it happened just the way we both remember it. Walking back from our favorite place, Barney's Beanery. What should have taken us an hour at the most -- maybe -- took us a good two hours. When we entered the apartment we commented how odd it was that it was suddenly 4 a.m., then went promptly to bed, only to wake up at four the next afternoon. We slept straight through, very surprised to find that we slept so late!

I did have a few strange UFO dreams back then; one in particular that I call the “Geisha Woman” dream, about a tall chalky white being with huge black wrap around eyes, “pretending” to be female, with me inside a glass domed UFO in space and George in some other part of the UFO. She was very intelligent and very emotionally cold, detached, and didn't give a damn that I was scared and angry that she wouldn't let me see George, who was being kept in another part of the craft.

But the reason why I say it wasn’t the strangest, is because we didn’t see any kind of craft that night. We didn't have a UFO sighting. Not a hint. But George says it’s the weirdest, because we both agree on everything; no arguments about who was where, etc. We agree on where we were coming from, where we were going, that a couple of hours of missing time occurred, that we commented to each other on the oddness of the late hour as we walked into the apartment but also went promptly to bed, not waking up until 4:00 the next day.

Hilyard St. (Eugene, Oregon, near the University of Oregon campus)
Well, don’t remember anything weird there. I mean, aside from the horrid, spoiled, evil fraternity and sorority morons that lived in the frat and "sor" houses surrounding our little apartment. God, what assholes. Other than that, nothing.

I remember a weird “UFO” dream at the time though, about a robotic alien type being entering our apartment and causing problems.

It's while we were living on Hilyard that George insists we saw the silver sphere. We saw it out on Lorane, going out to Cottage Grove. (That part I agree with.) Silver sphere, above a pasture, daytime, a beam of light coming down from underneath the thing. I said to George tonight that I always thought it was weird that a beam of light would be necessary in the daytime.

We agree on the thing we saw, and place, but not the timing. I remember it as on our way out the same time we saw the orange orb which was on the way back. And I remember we were living on Friendly St. at the time, while George insists it was Hilyard.

(One question I have about this is: if the orange orb sighting took place another time, where were we coming back from? The only thing out that direction is . . . Cottage Grove. We didn't know anyone who lived out that way, from our house to Cottage Grove. But as George mentioned, we did just take off and for long rides in the country back then; true. I loved to do that on the motorcycle. It's possible we weren't coming back from anywhere in particular, as in visiting someone, but just out for a drive.)

Friendly St. (Eugene, Oregon, at the corner of Lorane, semi-woodsy rural area in parts)
I remember the orange orb at night, on the way back from Cottage Grove to visit his friend. The friend George says we went to see a year or so earlier when we lived on Hilyard.

George doesn’t remember seeing an orange orb. He does remember me trying to call someone when we went into the house (on Friendly) but I ended up just putting the receiver down. After all who was I going to call? The police? Airport? At that time, I didn't know about MUFON, or anything related to reporting UFO sightings.

Dreams started then too. Awful dreams about being paralyzed in beams of light so strong I could almost see through things. The sense of people -- or beings -- above me. Not being able to move. Screaming my head off for George, who I knew was nearby, but also being taken. Did I just say “taken?” Christ.

George said “Obviously we didn’t have what they wanted,” and I agreed. We’ve never talked about that, but when he said it, it made sense, and I acknowledged I’ve thought that myself many times.

He also said:
“Then again, we’ve both had life long experiences with this weird stuff. Maybe they got what they wanted a long time ago.

George also mentioned the uncomfortable and strong awareness that "they" are present at times. I too have felt that. Last time I felt that was a few years ago in this house we're now in. We've been here about ten years. This feeling that "they" were in the room, listening, watching, was confirmed by others. (One of whom has had her own history, along with many family members, of Bigfoot, haunting and UFO encounters. Connections?)

We don't talk too in depth about these events except for a couple of times a year. It's too close and chilling and just plain weird. We both get highly uncomfortable; anxious and need to stop. And yet, we talk around these things every day.

Something happened, something seemed to have happened a few times with the both of us. Neither one of us remembers actually seeing any beings. It’s as if we’ve come up only so close to this phenomena, and then, a steel door seals shut on us.

Oh, and please, someone tell me it was just sleep paralysis. I dare you.

I’m still not willing to say we were abducted. I can’t say that, because I don’t even remember seeing aliens, let alone being inside a craft, or being rudely probed, etc.

But something happened. While obviously there are trickster mind control alien game playing shenanigans going on with screen or cover memories, the reality is, something very real -- just highly strangely real -- occurred. And more than once.


Lesley said...

I hope you guys had a great anniversary!

Siani said...

I can relate to that 'something happened' feeling only too well. Exactly what happened, like you, I really don't know. I find the whole trickster concept fascinating. I didn't understand it for a long time - thanks to your writings I now have a much better grasp of the whole trickster thing.

Jeremy said...

That's it. You're coming on my show. I'm gonna make you drink the Kool Aid and admit you're an abductee finally.

Actually "abductee" may not adequately describe what's happening, but surely it's par tof it.

One thing I'm not clear on: That "dream" you had about the typical alien with the wraparound eyes that abducts people but not you because you're not an abductee even though you describe the same exact things as other abductees who are abductees--Did your husband also have that dream?

R. Lee said...

Thank you Lesley.

R. Lee said...

Hi Jeremy,

I was the only one who had that dream. Come to think of it, while living there in that apartment in West Hollywood, I had a few weird UFO dreams. I wasn't "into" UFOs back then at all; certainly not anything lke today. I knew about them, and in general accepted them as "real" but didn't give them much thought beyond that. It wasn't a subject that came up much.

Kithra said...

Belated Anniversary wishes, and many more happy years.