Friday, November 9, 2007

What Chemtrails Really Are

I saw this on Jeff, also noticed Lesley at Debris Field posted the link: What Chemtrails Really Are. It’s not pretty, and the mind control part gives me the creeps. One question: how does this person know any of this for a fact? Or even a strong hypothesis? No sources, no anything. . . only strong opinions, presented as factual. Lots of connections made, lots of knowledge on related things, and it could be, but we don’t know.

Whatever it is, meanwhile, the spraying continues.


Stuart said...

Hi Regan,

I intend no criticism but why are visiting Rense's site? The man is a raving anti semite and passes his actions off as free speach. He is an odious creep.

I'm curious; don't you find the material there unpleasant?


R. Lee said...

Hello Stuart,
I agree, I despise Rense. I refer you to my other blog, Mating Hedgehogs, where I rant about Rense's anti-Semitic, paranoid, exploitive postings quite a bit.

But, I do check Rense out now and then for the following reasons:
I can't help myself
I have to keep up on the latest mad posts, Henry Makow, for example
There are things of interest, no matter how "odious." Odiously interesting, I suppose.

But, yes, agreed absolutley: Rense is a "creep."