Sunday, February 24, 2008

Around the Orb

I'm always amazed at how quickly the week goes by.


On my blog Frame 352 (the stranger side of Sasquatch) I write about a person that contacted me about their encounters on their property somewhere in the south east. These encounters include orbs. With photos.


I like where the blog is going, it's really wonderful to have others contributing. Farah Yurdozu has joined us, and she'll be sending us some comments about the Nevada UFO Conference, where she is now.

My Trickster Northwest and Chronic Skepticism blogs are feeling lonely. Please visit them!

I'm still reading Red Moon, but am also reading Andrew Colvin's book about Mothman: The Mothman's Photographer. I'm enjoying that very much!

For Now
Well, that's it. Not very much, is it? Between work and some health issues and other private matters, it isn't easy to devote the time I feel obsessed to devote to in this regard. I'm sure I'll bounce back with a vengeance though!

In the meanwhile, keep looking UP!

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