Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Tiny White Orb

A small white lighted sphere comes to visit -- twice.

About thirteen years ago, I was doing a lot of work with meditation and crystals. At that time I was experiencing a lot of precognitive dreams and “flashes” (sudden pictures “inserted” into my mind of what was to come, and sure enough, within the next forty eight hours or so, the premonition came true.) Some UFO stuff in there as well.

One experience I had one day was very strange. I woke up and turned over, to see my husband sitting on the edge of the bed. Just sitting there. Very strange, for he isn’t the sit around type; it’s not like him to just “sit there” -- and not be saying something, or doing something. Nope, he was just sitting there, very still, very quiet. It was unnerving.

Then I noticed a dime sized ball of light “dancing” around on his back. This wasn't an orb like a spirit/ghost orb, but a ball of light; solid, and very bright. This light -- and I had the distinct impression it was intelligent in some way -- was moving all over my husband's back. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where that light was coming from. I moved, which should have done two things: make my husband (“George,”) move, say something, acknowledge my presence, and two, block the light; block the light source. But neither happened. George continued to sit there, perfectly still, and the dancing light continued to bop merrily along.

Very weird.

I felt strange, not psychically, but emotionally. So I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I almost had a heart attack. Because I woke up, found George sitting on the side of the bed, saw the same dancing light. What was going on? The difference this time was that when I spoke to George, he responded. He turned towards me. The light went away when he turned towards me and started talking.

I have no idea what that was; UFO/alien related, or what. But I cannot stress strongly enough that the first time, I was awake. AWAKE. NOT dreaming. NOT foggy, half in half out, nothing of the kind. I was as awake as I am now. AWAKE, I tell you. As awake as I am now.

Even though I didn’t see a UFO or aliens, or remember any kind of UFO related dream, I have a nagging feeling it’s related to UFOs somehow. And yet, at the same time, not neccesarily UFOs from outer space; there's a "fairy" kind of connection. I know this sounds odd at first, but recently I've been thinking about these connections (again) and in doing so, remembered this experience. But either way, the experience was definitely among the weirder things I’ve encountered.

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