Monday, February 18, 2008

Lehmberg: Illionois, Then Again

Alfred Lehmberg has a very good post on the Illinois sightings, and our continued resistance to acknowledging the huge things above our heads. . .

The craft was huge but danced the sky and spun upon its axis. Devoid of any commonness, it does nothing to relax us. And lit up like a Christmas tree it sped up now and then... to *shoot* to the horizon, trained observers tell us, friend.

As always, Lehmberg points out what should be obvious but isn’t, and asks the questions that peek out from behind this denial of the obvious in his Illionois Then, Again:
Honestly, are we doomed to live harrowing real lives beyond the only imagined terrors of the otherwise ignored alien visitation? Are we doomed to be led to a sick society's self-righteous slaughter by the hyper-privileged few who feel they have the divine right to profit from the exertions of we, the dues paying deluded... destroying the home of those deluded in the process?

Some think we’re in a UFO “flap” and I agree. It seems that way. But “flap” or no, we’ve all been aware of things in the sky for a very long time. Alfred asks:
What happened in Illinois on January 5th, 2000? Then what continues to happen over and over again in an accelerating cycle of the highest strangeness witnessed by hundreds or even thousands of credible persons?

It just keeps happening, right above our heads, and our denial and refusal to look into it also keeps happening. When will we get it?

That’s why I don’t get too annoyed over things like the Disclosure or Exopolitics movements; at least they’re trying. Better that than those who spend a lot of effort sneering and mocking, chiding and insulting. Better that than those who hide behind their quasi-intellects and veneers of false rationalities (for how rational is it to deny what’s been going on for so long?) and offer us disingenuous offerings of compromise: “oh, UFOs, sure, but who cares -- just lights in the sky.” That’s worse than outright denial.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

...Bowing deeply in the Elizabethan sense, ma'am. Thank you.

"Indeed, how many times can one strike this ufological flint, get a good productive spark, and it all not just burst into flame, finally?"
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Richard Lalancette said...

I believe that as awareness and desire for contact rise, we will see more and more of our space brothers display. It's the desire for peaceful contact that will lead to real, permanent diplomatic relations.

Richard Lalancette
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada