Friday, March 7, 2008

Hearing My Name

I've experienced hearing my name called, but not for several years. A number of times yesterday, and once today, I heard someone calling my name. It sounded very close by, yet distant at the same time; loud. And hard to tell if it was male or female; it really sounded like both. Maybe a bit less masculine, but hard to say if it was completely feminine either.

This is a bit weird, but not unusual in the realm of the esoteric. I think there's an obvious connection between this and my working with meditation and crystals lately. For the past week or so I've been working in this way on a very intense and serious level.

Some say that hearing your name is a sign from guides, or those who've passed on. Some cultures believe it's malevolent spirits trying to get your attention. (I don't follow those traditions.) And of course, there's the secular explanation: you're nuts.

It feels to me that I've been heard, and they're letting me know.


Lesley said...

As a child my life was saved by a voice calling my name. I was looking up at the sky paying no attention to where I was going and was about an inch from stepping off a cliff. It wasn't anyone I was with calling because they never even noticed that I had wandered off.

Morgaine said...

Did you answer them? With disembodied voices, I usually do whatever I'd do if a stranger called my name - cautiously and politely ask what I can do for them, then await an answer. It's probably some message for you, but sometimes spirits will reach across the veil for other reasons. Just make sure your aura is full and clean, and you shouldn't have any problems.