Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, as I am wont to say now and then, sometimes it is all about me, and March is all about me because my birtday is the 14th, and I celebrate all month long. Everyone should celebrate their birthdays all month long!

Lots of very cool people born in March, (besides me) -- here are some esoteric (can you spot why?) March birthdays:

Dr. Seuss, Harry Houdini, L.Ron Hubbard, B.F. Skinner, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Walken, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, John Astin, Lucy Lawless, Alyson Hannigan, William Shatner, Louis L’Amour, Patrick McGoohan, Bruce Willis, Edward Everett Horton, Rudolf Nureyev, Frank Borman, Percival Lowell, Douglas Adams, James Doohan . . .

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Morgaine said...

Happy Birthday - mine is March 3. I usually celebrate all month long, too, but things were sad this year because a very dear aunt died on my birthday.

Alexander Graham Bell, Jean Harlow, and James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) were born on my birthday. Do you know who was born on yours?