Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Mothman Synchronicity

I commented a few days ago about a bit of Mothman synchronicity here. I had a couple of other "Mothman moments" last night. Still reading Colvin's book (almost finished) I was reminded of Gray Barker's book Silver Bridge, which I've been wanting for years to get a hold of. So I took a break from reading and looked on eBay for the book; there were two on eBay, and four or five on Amazon. The least expensive was $69.00, and all the way up to almost $500.00. Sigh!

I go back to reading, and get to the part about positrons. Interesting on an intuitive level, but my head started to hurt. Not long after, I put the book down, turn on Coast to Coast with Ian Punnett the host, and the guest (animator Neal Adams) was talking about positrons!

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