Sunday, April 6, 2008

Around the Orb

Thin Skinned Skepticism
A new post at Snarly Skepticism. It's a repost from Jan. 2007 of my blog entry on my Daily Grail blog, which I rarely post to, but now and then I do. Truthfully, I forget I have that over there! Speaking of The Daily Grail, if you haven't already, be sure to check them out for great links as well as commentary.

Remote Viewing
My new Trickster's Realm piece for Binnall of America will be up sometime tomorrow. This week I write about the government's "non-involvement" with remote viewing. As always, be sure to visit the forum and read all the other great articles there. And don't forget that Tim Binnall does an amazing job interviewing some great people in the field; you can listen to the podcasts for free.

Beeping Weirdness
I'm working on something about the electronic beeping sounds many UFO and Bigfoot witnesses experience. I've had this experience myself. I'm not sure where I'll post it, UFO Digest or maybe my Bigfoot blog Frame 352. I'm almost finished with it; should be up later today.

Speaking of beeping Bigfoot and high strangeness, Joseph Capp has an interesting piece on a Colarado ranch:

High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch
Capp writes about Skinwalker Ranch type high strangeness in The Other Skinwalker Ranch: Contact. Capp points out that the ranch was near a military base, and, there were personal connections with some family members and military. Something I've thought of as well; and as Andrew Colvin mentions, among others, there seems to be a faction of covert military ops manipulating paranormal forces around humans -- and at humans. Paranoid? Maybe. But you know what they say . . . No doubt there are all kinds of variations on this idea; ultra classified psy ops projects, what better place than to experiment, and test them out, than in remote places, like the deserts and isolated ranches?The fact that often these places have a history of paranormal acitivity going back hundreds of years supports the theory that military factions have tapped into this in some way. Who's going to believe the residents of a ranch, or some rural area, when they come out with these kinds of stories? No one has yet; no one that counts that is.

On WOE: Alexandra "Chica" Bruce
(I love that name!) Lesley has a new post up about Chica Bruce, esoteric authoress. Bruce is also interviewed by Adam Gorightly; take a look over there on WOE (Women Of Esoterica) for links.

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