Monday, April 7, 2008

Mothy, Stop!

As they say, synchronicities begin to happen and they just keep happening, even though much of the time they don't mean much. Of course, the fact that they happen at all is enough; a reminder that we don't live in the tidy little universe where all is well and rational at all times after all. That, and a big dose of humor.

I've been having Mothman synchronicities, here's two more that happened last night: page 333, Colvin mentions Chica Bruce, who has been in my blogging news lately; Lesley wrote a piece on her at WOE, Adam Gorightly has interviewed her recently, and before all that, just a few days ago, I had stumbled upon her somewhere. Then I watched Unexplained last night, a segment on the Philadelphia Experiment and Carlos Allende. A couple hours later, reading Mothman's Photographer II and right away, there it is on page 362, Carlos Allende.

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