Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bill Birnes: UFO Zealotry and Existentialism

I love this post by Bil Birnes of UFO Magazine and UFO Hutners: UFO Zealotry and Existentialism. Doesn't matter what you think of Birnes, or UFO Hunters, or the magazine, or really, anything else. He makes valid points that every UFO pundit, researcher, investigator and writer should heed. Look, people, (to those of whom this thus applies) GROW UP!

It's ironic that there are individuals taking UFOs seriously enough to write about them in whatever way, and expect to be taken seriously, yet whine and moan, insult and sneer at others, lie about others, at the drop of a hat. So I ask you dahlings, how can, why would, anyone listen to these people when they behave so badly?

Another irony is in the cries for some sort of "cleansing" of the study of UFOs. Get rid of those to young, or too old, the wrong gender, the wrong theories, like the wrong music, and so on. Meanwhile, UFOs themselves don't behave in any particularly predictbale, narrow, rigid mamner. Yet we want to approach the things that are nebulous and contradictory with anything but an open view.

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