Sunday, May 4, 2008

The New X-Files Movie, Torchwood

Of course I'll go see it! But naturally! I think the title is just awful: "I Want To Believe" Really?

I like Amanda Peet and Bill Connolly, who are also in the movie. All the usual hype and hush about the movie; the plot line, Mulder and Scully's "romance" (er, didn't they have a baby -- kind of puts the need for adolescent questions about their relationship to rest, doesn't it?) but I don't care about any of it. It's a new X-Files movie! What more is there?

Well, there's Torchwood. A great show; was so sorry to see season two end so quickly. (And so damn sadly.) Dear husband "George" says it's better than X-Files, but for myself, it's not "better" it's not a question of "better." Torchwood is the X-Files of its time, I suppose. Hipper, certainly more sexually open. Torchwood also deals a lot more with human emotions and pathos, etc. than X-Files did. You either like that a lot (I do) or you don't. Depends on one's temperament. Both have sexy main characters, which helps quite nicely.

I'm glad Torchwood has come along and filled the void X-Files left.

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