Friday, June 13, 2008

Bright White Synchronicity

I saw an interesting object this afternoon. Outside, about 1:00 pm, cloudless sky. No clouds, no chemtrails. . . nothing. It was slightly breezy, about 75 degrees.

I notice a bright white round object almost still up in the sky. At first I though t it was a balloon. Or maybe a blimp. I watched it; thinking that, as it moved, the shape would be revealed; wings, or an elongated shape, something. Nothing; it stayed round the entire time.

It moved very slowly across the sky. It seemed to curve a bit but was headed in a North to South direction. It was very bright; seemed to be lit from within but really hard to say; it could have been the sun reflecting off it. Although, while possible, it seemed odd it would have looked like that when I first saw it, which was way off.

As I was watching it, I took off my huge solar lens glasses -- the kind that fits over your prescription glasses. With my regular prescription glasses (which are transition lenses) I could barely see the object. With the solar lens glasses on, I the object just popped out; and I could also discern a slight round ring around it in the air; like the object was moving he air around it. Or, could be just an optical illusion.

I sure was surprised when I got home to find this on the Phantoms and Monsters site. (hat tip to Lesley at Debris Field.)

Looking at the video, the object there looks a lot like the one I saw today. It’s hard to see how high up it was, etc. but overall, very similar.

Something was up there all right, and it wasn’t a plane or balloon. Most likely some kind of man made probe, monitoring device, something like that.

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Lesley said...

I have also seen those. I did think they might be some sort of drone, but they are damn fast when they want to be.