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Chemtrail Connections

Are chemtrails "spiritual?" Victoria Hardy thinks so. Whatever you think about that, chemtrails exist, and people are astoundingly apathetic. What are chemtrials, and why the apathy?

Chemtrails exist, and this isn’t a piece about proving how they do exist, or debating, debunking, or anything else. They exist. They’re not “just contrails.” Like UFOs, they are. What they are -- and what they’re not -- is the question.

Over the years, as I explore the chemtrail mystery, I’ve come across some odd connections people have made, including myself, about the chemtrails.
Who would have thought to put chemtrails and Forteana together? But that’s exactly what Colin Bennett did in his excellent piece Chemtrails: A Fortean View
A New Look at a Mystery of the Skies :Chemtrails: What's Going On?
(January 22 2005. By Colin Bennett)

I wrote a piece about chemtrails and black triangles; suggesting that some of the behaviors of the phenomena, and the mindset of observers as well as skeptics and researchers, are similar.

Victoria Hardy has made another connection, one that I hadn’t considered, in her article on American Chronicle; The Spiritual Nature of Chemtrail Belief. Don’t let the title turn you off; while I don’t agree with Hardy on that one point, which we’ll get to later, she has written a good article on chemtrails, and the apathy surrounding these things literally right above our heads.

When reading the title, I thought “Well, I don’t think UFOs are “spiritual” either (although there’s that element in all paranormal things) and I sure don’t see anything spiritual in chemtrails” but I read on.

Hardy describes the first time she realized something wasn’t right up there in our increasingly milky skies:
As I have stated previously from the first time I noticed a trail being unleashed across the sky my mind shifted into metaphysical thinking and looking back, it felt like I was witnessing a blurring of realities. As I stood in the yard that day, rather stunned, I felt an instinctual grip of fear in my belly and the sure knowledge that what I was witnessing was simply not right. And in the first weeks of my newfound awareness I couldn't´t help but wonder why others were not standing on the streets and pointing out the aberration. And even now, despite the trails showing up on commercials and television shows and despite the myriad of explanations, my mind still refuses to budge from the idea that the writing in the sky is telling us something important, something spiritual.

Exactly! I agree with everything she’s said, except for that last bit about “the sky is telling us something important, something spiritual.” But I am continually astounded at the lack of interest by the majority in what’s right above their heads. (They literally don’t see! Maybe, in some round about way, that is metaphysical.)

But the trails themselves as some kind of spiritual signage, akin to crop circles? I can’t go there.

Hardy however can, and does:
But for me, I believe we are seeing the signs spoken of by the ancient prophets.
Victoria writes that we’ve been taught since birth to trust authorities, not to question; no one would argue with that. I don’t see chemtrails as “signs spoken of by the ancient prophets” however

Hardy has experienced what I have as well, when I was naive and silly enough to think you could actually have an authentic discussion with skeptics. Like her, I’ve been accused of intentionally panicking people. (Imagine dahlings! Me!):
Over the years I´I've heard chemtrail believers referred to as insane, ignorant or deliberately trying to instill fear in others and many months ago I created a survey attempting to understand the common thread that connects those who feel undeniable concern when witnessing the webs dripping in our skies

Victoria Hardy has done some research into those who “believe” (though I dislike that word when it comes to chemtrails, just as I do when it comes to UFOs) and her results are interesting. I’m not going to reiterate them here; I encourage you to read her article. There’s interesting information like religious beliefs, education, UFO witnesses, etc. but I found this personally interesting:
Many spoke of sadness, depression, fear and shock and several mentioned questioning their sanity because those around them did not seem concerned. A couple reported losing friends after speaking out about the subject.

Hardy asked individuals what they thought the purpose of chemtrails were; many responses, but this was caught my eye:
Several believed that the trails in the sky create a perfect backdrop for holographic imagery and will be used in Project Blue Beam.

That never occurred to me And, it’s not one I believe, although I do believe there has been, and will be, all kinds of things up with Project Blue Beam. I just found it interesting many do think this in relation to chemtrails.

While I don’t personally see the chemtrails as literal signs in the sky in relation to ancient prophecies, I enjoyed reading Hardy’s article, and appreciate her efforts in doing her own small research to add to the data. It’s always encouraging to come across others who look up, and really see what’s there, and actively wonder about what it is they're seeing.

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