Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quibbles . . .

Quibbles. Parsing and tumbling into minutia. Distractions. Misdirections. Contradictions, juxtapositions, ironies. Paradoxes.

All part of the UFO thing, -ology, phenomena, phenomenon, issue, question, topic, subject, realm, mystery, enigma.

Accusations and flinging insults, spouting lies, hysterical self-righteous pronouncements from within and on the fringe. Wanna bes and poseurs, “new thugs” and old, the pathological, the deniers circling around those who’ve seen, who know . . . something . . . who speak and write and search.

Few listen, many exploit. Few care, many deride. Mainstream takes what it can, the infrastructure manipulates.

Even so cracks appear, creeping outwards. Even so, the ones who’ve seen,the ones who think about what if and how and why and who, continue.

Despite the ones who use us for their own agendas, their own promotions. Despite those who fly in and land, with a thud, and croak long, and loud, so very loud; hoarse voiced, they snidely attack and pretend to “investigate” while somberly proclaiming what is a truth and what is not, before clumsily flapping off to new adventures.

The circus they accuse UFOlogy to be is paraded before a new audience of jeering ones who have not seen, or known, or searched.

The users, the fakers, the apologists, continue to pretend they’re in the know, while denying they themselves are of the knowers. Preening, they ingratiate, pontificate, pretend to ponder but have no authenticity.

The circus, the Trickster, the fundie skeptibunkies, the hoaxers none are so loathesome as the liars and users who so shamelessly slam and sneer and leave a mess behind; who barge into a new land of wonders to drag out what they’ve stolen from us in hopes of exchanging their shabby offerings for new gains.

But no matter. Those of us who are honest, even if misguided, maybe, naive, possibly, downright silly even, maintain our karmic integrity.

Meanwhile it’s hard to trust, but some hope lives for knowing our instinct, intuition is strong -- always trust that! Mine was, and is both trusted as well as strong.

Reminders that The Trickster appears in many guises. . .

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Alien Contactee said...

Very nice article Regan and Ohhhh so true.

The photo you used was very fitting. You should have titled it "Silence is Golden".

Regan Lee said...

Thanks! (I couldn't come up with a tilte, lol, so left it alone...)

Alien Contactee said...

I just re-read this article of yours. A little slower this time. It is exceptionally good. Much, much better the second time around.