Sunday, August 3, 2008

Musings From The Orb

New post at Mothman Flutterings: Car Weirdness and Mothman Tuggings. It's a little strange, but then again, it is called Mothman Flutterings . . . also a new entry from me on UFO Magazine's site: Bissfull and Willfull, Apathy and Ignorance.

Jim has a new gallery/section on the Yessy site: his new Cosmic Series. Some very exciting things happening with all this activity surrounding his art, including UFO and paranormal stuff. More to come on that later . . . but I'm very excited about it!

The more I think on my own UFO experiences as well as the UFO phenomenon in general, the more I'm convinced it's all a huge mash of various things that boils down to esoterica indeed. . . and the people who are stuck on nuts and bolts or one or two cases or theories are just utterly missing so much. . . and the ones who sneer or even if politely, dismiss this side of UFOlogy for "giving UFO studies a bad name" and so on are, well, stupid but I wouldn't say that . . but so wrong ... and that sounds arrogantly self assured doesn't it?! . . . I know we're all of different temperment and come from different backgrounds and then there's our own political and relgiious biases and views that color our perceptions but if we agree that we have to go where the data takes us... dahlings! It's taking us right smack in the deep midst of some very crazy esoteric stuff! Let's get real and deal with it. . .

Still liking UFO Mary even though it's lonely there so please visit the blog. . .

Danille Lee is the newest contributor to WOE . . . Women Of Esoterica . . she's been posting very informative and detailed items on ghost hunting. . . this isn't the usual ghost hunting stuff either, her perspective is refreshing. . .

Looks like things will slow down a bit at Binnall of America while Tim is on vacation in California, so no new Trickster's Realm or any of the other great columns but be sure to take a look over there anyway so catch up on past columns and podcasts.

Loren Coleman has the IRS hasslsing him about his Crypto Musuem; they don't seem to get it... although Coleman's take on it is very polite and can make a contribution, no matter what amount, by clicking on the logo at the top of the blog here, or visiting his site CryptoMundo.

And while you're at it, if you're able to, donate a little something to places like The Black Vault, and The Daily Grail, or Book of Thoth, or any of the other great Fortean/paranormal and UFO sites that gives us news, articles and podcasts, for free, on a regular basis.

Visit my place on Associated Content/People's Media; this one actually pays, kind of, sort of, depending on the number of readers. I have two articles on the Trent, UFO event there. Click on the banner at the end of this post to get there.

Nick Redfern on Coast to Coast tonight! Awesome, what more can we say?

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