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Billy Cox: Admiral: Never looked for UFO data

The usual lies, cover-ups and obsturfications. UFO writer Billy Cox writes about Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Stephen Greer and retired Rear Admiral Thomas R. Wilson in Admiral: Never Looked for UFO Data. Someone’s not telling the truth... how unusual in these situations!

In this piece by Billy Cox, it turns out that (allegedly -- all allegedly dahlings) Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Stephen Greer insist ex-admiral Wilson met a looming stone wall when he tried to access UFO info when he was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Wilson denies not only banging into said wall, but bothering to look for UFO info in the first place. According to Wilson, the UFO issue wasn’t that interesting. Wilson agrees he met with Greer and Mitchell,denies looking for any information on covert UFO projects:
“What is true is that I met with them,” Wilson said in a phone interview. “What is not true is that I was denied access to this material, because I didn’t pursue it. I may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff’s time to go looking for it.”

We’ll probably never know who’s telling the truth. Does it matter? This particular little episode doesn't prove or disprove anything in the way of UFO truthiness. Conspiracies, lies, cover-ups, black projects, disinformation, misinformation, all have happened, continue to happen. . . neither Greer or Mitchell are changing their story. Neither is Wilson.

I do find this curious: Wilson did say he had “a certain amount of curiosity” about allegations of deep-black UFO projects. But not enough curiosity, I gather. Nor was it “compelling” enough:
may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff’s time to go looking for it.”

So, the idea of deep and possibly rogue UFO projects was a curious thing, but not enough to investigate. He “may have (italics mine) left it open” but isn’t sure. But, in the end, none of it was “curious” enough -- certainly not suspicious, even with all the implications inherent in the idea of UFO technology, black budgets, rogue operations, defense, national security, science, and the like.

My instinct tells me Mitchell and Greer are telling the truth, and the dear Admiral has changed his story. After all, he wants to disassociate himself from the whole thing, either because he really knows the truth about UFOs (ta dah!) and that’s his job -- to keep it from the rest of us. Or, he thinks it’s all very silly, and thought so back then. After all he has a new job with an unnamed defense contractor and it probably doesn't do him any good to be subjected to UFO nonsense while he’s trying to do Very Important Things. (Then again, maybe those Very Important Things have to do with UFOs, and black semiprivate defense contractor projects, and ... don’t you love it when we tumble down the rabbit hole?)

I have an automatic distrust of authority, military bigwigs and industrial military complex uber-corporations,so I like my theory best. But I will acknowledge it’s also possible the ex-Admiral is telling the truth, and Mitchell and Greer aren’t backing down because they’d be embarrassed if they did; after all, they said one thing, now they have to back up and say they were, what? Exaggerating? Embroidering, embellishing, . . . being theatrical? Lying?

Hmmm, put that way, that seems a bit much. I don’ think so. The ex-admiral is no doubt covering up in grand brusque disinformational style.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Richard Dolan would agree with you it seems... does this make you less a maven quidnunc, or more?

Dolan writes:

Greetings all...

I chatted with Billy Cox a bit prior to his article, and more to the point, spoke with Admiral Thomas Wilson in late 2006, not long after Dr. Steven Greer's book – “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge” -- came out in which he mentioned Wilson by name.

I had known about this meeting before Greer published his account. The information came to me through another party. This other source, while not giving me Wilson's name, gave me some explicit information about the nature of the meeting (top level DoD official who met with Greer, then being denied access to black programs dealing with ET technology).

As I understood it at the time, Greer and Edgar Mitchell met with Wilson in April 1997, and that Wilson took two months to continue looking into the matter. At that point, he reached the program but was denied access to it. My source indicated that the primary people who denied Wilson were not even DoD personnel, but rather private contractors, mainly attorneys.

They told him that he did not have a need to know, and furthermore, that the only reason he got an audience from them was so they could determine how he learned about the program.

When Greer's book came out, mentioning the meeting and naming Wilson, I checked with my source. "I assume it's Wilson?" I asked.

"Yes, it was Wilson," came the answer.

At that point, I decided to try to speak to Admiral Wilson. Before doing so, I wrote to Edgar Mitchell. He also confirmed that the meeting took place, although he was not especially interested at that time in doing much more than stating that Wilson "would look into it."

So, armed with pretty good support from some high profile people that the meeting DID occur, I was able to track down and phone Wilson. This was in October 2006.

Our conversation started very cordially. That is, until I mentioned that I was researching the UFO phenomena and a meeting he had regarding the topic in 1997. He feigned ignorance ("my memory is foggy") until I mentioned confirming statements by Mitchell and my other source. Then his answer was "I vaguely recall....."

At that point I mentioned that his name was in Greer's book. I can assure you THAT got his interest. He asked me to read him the relevant passage, which I did.

At this point, Admiral Wilson's voice changed noticeably. Whereas he had been relaxed and low key when we started, his voice became high pitched. He seemed to be rather annoyed, maybe angry. He told me that, yes, he had met with Greer and Mitchell. That he only did so because he was "curious" why someone of Dr. Mitchell's stature would be pursuing this matter. "Everything else" Greer wrote about the meeting (whatever that means) was "poppycock."

Wilson then told me he needed to go to a meeting and ended the conversation.

I was left with a distinct impression that Greer's account of the matter was substantially correct. That is, that Greer and Mitchell did persuade Wilson to look into it, and that Wilson did so. Furthermore, that he was denied access to said programs.

Wilson was basically a man who was caught off guard. His denials rang very hollow to me.

One final comment on this: After my conversation with the Admiral, I checked back with my source.

"What else would you expect him to say?", he told me. "He would lose every security clearance he ever held if he gave you what you wanted."

As well as, quite obviously, threatening to bring down the entire house of cards. After all, an admission from Wilson that this was true.....? Good god. That would be enough to do it. I did not expect him actually to admit anything to me. But I had to try.

I have spoken about this event a few times in various presentations.

Now is as good a time as any to make this statement.


Well now -- otherwise corroborated from the principals, Dolan seems to believe that Greer and Mitchell are telling the truth.
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Regan Lee said...

Thank you Alfred!

Andrew said...

I think the timing of this piece to the Mitchell disclosure is interesting. And I don't believe in coincidence. Mitchell says what he knows almost exactly as NASA is about to brief the White House on certain findings from the current Mars data. NASA then says it will make a major announcement in September. (providing you still believe anything whatsoever NASA says.)Wilson's denial - or back peddling - becomes an issue. Sounds like disinformation intended to downplay whatever NASA really has, which would be typical. Not that I don't believe Mitchell, because I do. But I find it interesting that he decided to even say anything about this out of nowhere while certain dominoes were falling in the background.


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