Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skylaire Alvegren of L.O.W.F.I. alerted me to this.
Very good report of a UFO crash near Needles. It's a good report because it's George Knapp. I had to laugh at the TV news guy in the field who asked, in all seriousness, if a witness thought "it was a men in black thing" (relating to gov. types giving him the stink eye.) Another witness is missing however; unless I misunderstood.

The turquoise color the object is said to have; the other day I was talking with someone about a turquoise, lit from within (or so it seemed) cigar shaped object traveling very high, I mean just about the highest I've seen anything, across the sky -- it was summer, about 6:30 pm still light outside. It was so weird because of the color; I kept watching, to see if it was a plane, but I never did see wings, etc. or any other lights. I thought the blue color might be the blue logo of the plane, but the entire thing was blue, all of it. And the entire thing seemed iridescent, as I said, lit from within. I also watched to see if the brightness was due to reflection sunlight, but that never changed; it remained the same. A friend of mine deeply involved in UFO research told me on James Gilliand's Sattva Sanctuary in Washington turquoise objects, like what I described, have been seen.

Whatever it turns out to be, military (most likely) or something else, all very interesting! The best thing is the matter of fact reporting, and the lack of any ridicule.

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