Sunday, September 14, 2008

Around the Orb

Well, I like the new show The Fringe. I watched it again tonight with Jim, he liked it as well. I could have sworn there were some edited scenes; some bits that were not in the first showing, different cuts, etc. Nothing that affects the story line, very minor stuff. Either that or my brain is slipping. Speaking of slipping brains, the line is "Excellent! Let's make some LSD" (see post below.) Other shows I'm looking forward to: 24, Eleventh Hour, the one starring Christian Slater who has two minds, or two personalities, or something (Google wasn't much help) Torchwood,Eureka, Monster Quest, UFO Hunters, and I hate to admit it, Paranormal State -- I see a theme here.

Look for my new Trickster's Realm on Binnall of America sometime tomorrow. The article is about energy, disclosure and aliens and I ask: what connection?

Richard M. Dolan has a fascinating review of The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction by Laura Knight-Jadczyk,on UFO Digest, except, page 3 seems to be missing. Every time I click on it it takes me back to page 2. Anyone out there experience this? This is a book I must read, because of what Dolan has to say. He's one of the few researchers out there that I truly respect. Friedman is another, and of course there are others. I have a few qualms about Knight-Jadczyk in a political context, but that's another issue entirely, and because of Dolan's insights, I'm putting those aside and looking forward to reading her book.

Blogger has a new gadget; you can see who's "following" you, so of course I put that up on some of my blogs. I'll get around to having it up on all of them soon.

Happy Kudos to me; Vintage U.F.O. made it to the top 100 most interesting history blogs, of all things, and my blog Mothman Flutterings was recently a Red Orbit hot blog of the day.

And, I have a new blog. I couldn't help it, blame Sarah Palin, not me. Her blood lust and her perception of animals, which is dismal to say the least, inspired me. So visit the blog: tëme (an animal blog)

As always, there is so much interesting stuff out there about UFOs and the esoteric world it's impossible to keep up with them all or comment on them. But visit the links on my blogs, and that'll take you to other places, and then other places . . .

Despite what some stuffed UFO shirts think, it is all good, even the bad.