Monday, September 1, 2008

Orb Stuff: I'm Just a Nerdy UFO Buff After All . . .

Been wearing my UFOs are Real, Get Over It hooded sweatshirt lately; perfect warm and fuzzy cover to wear when going back and forth to the coast. I forget how geeky and nerdy it is; no wonder people are giving me those side glances, lol. (You can order the sweatshirt and other items at Binnall of America.)

Trickster's Realm will be up sometime tomorrow on Binnall of America. This one's about a Contactee, Dino Kraspedon, from Brazil.

And a new piece for UFO Digest should be up any day now; on Marian Apparitions (specifically, Medjurgorje) and UFOs.

I've been having Internet connection problems off and on for a few days; I think it's fixed now.

If anyone has been using my email, it's no longer valid. So contact me at

For now, that's about it. Oh, a plug for James Rich Studio, and his full gallery at

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