Sunday, September 21, 2008


Not much going on. Sick with Fall crud, low energy, but in spite of that I like the Fall and the crisp air, I've been putting up my Fall season lights, my favorite string being an icicle style string with lights that fade from purple to orange and back. Very nice. And if I hear "Harvest Fest" one more time I'll puke. So we don't offend the Christians or give off negative vibes to the little ones, we don't dare put up witches and say the dreaded word Halloween; we say "Harvest Fest."

Speaking of Halloween: supposedly the building I work in is haunted. I've personally never felt that, but others have. I'll have to pick the brains of someone who's experienced those things and see if I pick up anything. The playground, in one area seems spooky to me, maybe it's just the energy of the space itself. There was a building I worked in that I, and others, thought was haunted; I felt and saw a lot of odd things. Interesting how I'm usually sensitive to those things but every now and then I just don't pick up on it; like my friends home (they've since moved) many others saw and felt things, but me, nothing.

New posts at Vintage U.F.O., UFO Mary, James Rich Studio, Women Of Esoterica, and tëme (an animal blog) and Pulp Jello.

Why did they put The Mentalist against Fringe? And when is Torchwood coming back? I ask you.

Mac Tonnies has a new blog; it's a great idea. Things That Look Like Flying Saucers. I love it. Here's a flying saucer I found in my living room:

Lots of little synchronicities in my life lately. Again lately that is. I notice when you put out the intent, the synchroniciites appear. I've often wondered why they are so trivial much of the time, and many a skeptoid dismisses them for that very reason. But isn't it enough they're there in the first place? Simple nudges from the universe or matrix or whatever; that's all it takes.

Well, while nothing much going on here, there's always things going on in the UFO, Fortean realm on the internet, as a check of the usual will reveal. The Anomalist and other blogs, way too many to mention here, but check out my links lists and do your own searching; you'll find more than enough to keep you busy.

And while there may not be anything I have to say right now that's stunning or interesting or Big Time UFO News, that doesn't mean, as a few others -- and we do know who they are, right class? --- insist, that UFOs are dead, gone, boring, useless, pointless, etc. Far from it!

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Lesley said...

Seriously Harvest Fest?

I honestly had never heard Halloween referred to as that. Ick.