Saturday, October 11, 2008

On-line UFO Course

For $25.00, you can take an on-line course on UFOs, but you don't get a certificate. That'll cost you $50.00.

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Anonymous said...

Fly a Minute … Outside The Box

I know it’s comfortable and cozy inside the box … but like a many of those TV movies where the plain is going down and all the passengers are big eyed and screaming, ‘ the pilot is dead!! the pilot is dead !! … and then some brave person drags the dead body out of pilot’s seat and picks up the plain’s mike …. And the people on the other end gives this brave person a very quick lesson in landing in hopes the plane can be brought down with as less causalities as possible …..

Well I want you to fly with me a minute OUTSIDE THE BOX …. I got the mike in my hand and it’s tuned to the Master Creator …. The people of this Planet is headed for a crash landing …. And the way it looks not many will be left standing.

Now …. There is a frequency Veil which sort of divides this reality we see everyday, from a more and advance technology reality referred to as celestials … they are well aware of us, and their lives are secretly entwined with our side of the veil …. Many are doctors, lawyers, business owners, governing officials …. Now don’t get your undies in a bite …… it was allowed this way for the betterment of humanity’s overall growth …. But the veil which was allowed was altered some eons ago by a foreign celestial colony who through trickery and deceit, infiltrated the already in place high governing celestials of States and Countries …. Certain records refer to these foreign celestial as Satan ….. Now don’t worry … I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you these things if it wasn’t time for you to know …. And it’s because the power source which sustain this ill gotten frequency veil is now nearing a complete meltdown …that those flying crafts linked to the failing power facility will become temporarily visible … the difference between the rightful inheritors of Earth’s upper heavens, are that the rightful celestials are sustained by a Positive to negative to Positive source of Energy and the unorthodox power facility is sustained of a negative to positive to negative power facility …. the rightful celestials are of a Positive Christ-light Star ….. And the wicked celestials are perpetrators of the Good White Light ……

Now I’ll take you back inside the box ….. But I just want you to know, compared to what’s outside the box ……. there ‘AIN’T JACK’ …. in the box.

Be safe, be well, be aware
281-440-1918 …. 15806 Winding Moss-B …. Houston Texas 77068