Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Orb Ramblings

Trying to get inspired, or motivated, something. Not for lack of exciting news in UFO-Fortean land, for there's plenty.

The cow being lifted by an orange beam continues to intrigue. Green beings in the Pennsylvania woods is another exciting story.

The UFO flap is continuing, and there's the still strangely quiet story of the alien beings inside a UFO.

I write about two dreams I had two nights in a row about Mary and UFOs on UFO-Mary. Despite the crazy almost goofy imagery, what's lurking underneath is the Trickster element in Marian apparitions, as well as the whole UFO phenomena itself. If nothing else, you'd think we'd all get that. Still, there are those stuck in the rigid parameters of any particular theory, rejecting all others.

I'll leave with my usual rant about self important UFO pundits who have arbitrary pronouncements about "the state of UFOlogy" which is: feh! No one gets to tell anyone else what to do or say, or who gets to do or say it. Unless they're debunker-skeptoids, that's a given. They don't count.

Oh, and be nice. Really. Come on. We're grown-ups! For more on that read Karyin Dolan's post on Women Of Esoterica.

Will something of stupendous UFO proportions happen on the 14th? Very unlikely, depsite the UFO flap, hugely exciting yet oddly under reported sightings worldwide, and our current global financial mess. These guys say something big will most likely happen about now. If anything does, my inner paranoia says it will be human made, not aliens. Project Blue Beam Mind Control stuff.


The Social Reformer (rubenh) said...

ufo's are intriguing

Kithra said...

At last, somebody else who thinks that if the 14 October UFO event happens then it might be to do with Project Blue Beam. You're the first person that I've seen to have this idea about it. And, in fact, yesterday I posted to my own blog that I didn't think it would happen, plus that it could be to do with Project Blue Beam. It's so great to know that I'm not alone in that idea.