Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eerie Racoon Moments

Along with owls, deer, ravens and other animals, raccoons have their place in esoteric phenomena. Signaling the possible arrival of the weird,these creatures, including raccoons, stand between us and "it," whatever that it may be. A UFO encounter, with journeys on ships, contact with entities, maybe, or some sort of liminal experience. Take the experience of Dr. Kary Mullis, who had a very strange encounter with a glowing raccoon in the summer of 1985.

Consciously pulling up memories of these kinds of experiences is difficult; they usually erupt randomly. For myself, unexpected snippets -- jarring in their visceral appearances -- come to me through meditation, dreams and while viewing images.

The other night, while watching the television program Eleventh Hour, I had one of those startling moments that really jolted me. On screen, the character, driving his car on the road in the daytime, swerves to avoid hitting a raccoon who was standing in the middle of the road. (A few moments later, the character realizes the raccoon shouldn't have been there, which was a clue that something was very wrong in the area.) For some reason, that image of a raccoon standing in the road, during the day, reminded me of something. I turned to my husband and said "Didn't we see two or three raccoon's in the daytime when we lived on Friendly Street?" He remembered. I hadn't thought of that in years, but something about that image on the television recalled that memory.

We had a large sliding glass door that led out to the backyard. We lived at the top of a hill; town was right down the street, but right above us, it was rural, and the further you drove on the highway above our house, the more rural you got. One day we were surprised to see raccoons just standing there at the glass, looking in at us. It was weird. I remember how very weird we both thought it was at the time; in fact, I remember kind of screaming -- not screaming, but shouting out when I saw them. For some reason, I found their presence irritating; unusual for me since I'm an animal lover, and normally would have thought it pretty neat. Friendly Street was where we were living when we saw the "orange orb" and had the missing time, and all kinds of UFO related events happened.

I've seen raccoons in the daytime before; but rarely. Several months ago I saw a raccoon in the daytime where I'm living now; it was sickly looking and it's obvious something was wrong. It's not common to see raccoons in the daytime, but not impossible.

But something about that memory of seeing those raccoons, just standing there, watching us through the glass, was eerie.


Autumn_Sky said...

It's odd that racoons would be staring at you through the window. One maybe, but a group!

We get them around here in winter and early spring, trying to pry open garbage cans. They've come close to the house (right on the back patio) and occasionally will look up, but have never come to the door (which is almost all glass).

Perhaps the racoons were screen memories, considering the other oddities that happened at that particular street.

Someday hypnosis might be the route to clarify this and the other high strangeness you've encountered.

Anonymous said...

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