Sunday, January 25, 2009

UFO Digest: "Mothman, Puppet Wolves and the Nunahee"

I was inspired by something Andrew Colvin wrote about one of his experiences in his Mothman's Photographer III, and wrote Mothman, Puppet Wolves and the Nunahee, which is up at UFO Digest.

BVM Underpass Image Defaced
In 2005, a stain that many say is the Virgin Mary making an appearance on the wall of a Chicago underpass, has drawn visitors and believers -- and vandals. The latest is reported by Fox News. Read more on UFO Mary.

I'm pleased to say I've joined a great group of crypto bloggers and researchers at Nick Redfern's Crypto Squad USA. I'll be writing on Bigfoot and other crypto type creatures in Oregon.

A couple of new entries at Saucer Sightings.


Atrueoriginall said...

LOL, Regan you're going to end up with my blogs whole archive. That is so funny.

Blogger had a scheduled down time a few days ago. I wonder if it was to do this to us. lol

Trashing them is a pain in the butt too. I found by right clicking them you can delete and not have to reopen page for the next one. This stinks!

I turned my "Links to me" prompt off so I have none now in any of my blogs.

Atrueoriginall said...

Right click on the trash can that is.