Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raccoon Synchronicites

Raccoon synchronicity: The Daily Grail has a post about Dr. Kary Mullis: DNA, LSD, and Alien Abductions.

Speaking of The Daily Grail, the Magonia blog reviews Darklore Volume II. Er, they didn't think much of my article: "The rest is less good I fear, . . . Regan Lee’s ‘Mothman and Other Synchronicities’ says very little" but oh well, I still get paid, and John Rimmer did like some of the articles, including Theo Paijman’s (an excellent writer) The Dark Cohorts.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...
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Alfred Lehmberg said...

I'm something less than impressed with our Mr. Rimmer's take, as tired as it is provincial, and as prosaic as it is unimaginative...

The worst you've ever done is, I suspect, better than he could ever appreciate, eh?

You want maybe James Randi to come in and say something remotely favorable? Billy Nye? Oberg? Rimmer's contribution is the same kind of turgid science worship as inspires a yawn, at best.