Sunday, January 11, 2009

With Help From My Friends: Bringing Down UFOlogy

I try my best to stay out of messes within the UFO field; all those who attack and insult others have no business doing so, and I've long ago decided not to address those who do so to me. It's all just non-productive flaming and very sad. (Even while Ive tried to stay out of things, it's amazing how often I get e-mails from others who want me to get involved; even though I had nothing to do with whatever thing it is they're upset about. When I decline, I'm often dragged into it anyway. Astounding.)

However, now and then something comes up that must be addressed.

The thugs at UFO Iconoclasts and their mirror blogs have decided that I, yes, simple, little ol' me, is "destroying UFOlogy." They haven't quite heaped all the credit on me however, it seems that Lesely Gunter and Alfred Lehmberg are also co-contributors to the downfall of UFOlogy.

The smug arrogance of such an idea -- that anyone or thing can "bring down" UFOlogy is so fantastically hilarious it doesn't need to be addressed.

Really, I don't care what else these bozos have to say, except for the fact they have slimed on over that line from mere opinion to slander and libel. Here's what they have to say about me, and my co-conspirators in bringing down all of UFOlogy:
They gather ideas from others, either stealing those ideas or bifurcating them with gossipy innuendo and a mental haze that puts their psychological well-being into question.

They are UFO Destroyers because they degrade the phenomenon with their ignorance and wholesale purloining of ideas that others generate about UFOs.

Specific examples of this "stealing and gathering" or "purloining" along with arguments to support their allegations are not to be found. They just state it as fact, without backing it up. This passes for UFO commentary these days?

It's amazing to me how others in this field continue to support and hobnob with these jerks. Remember, Rich Reynolds, presumably the leader of this odious pack of drooling jerk-wits, is responsible for the very illegal and heinous crime he perpetuated on Lehmberg some time ago. Reynolds is also a shrink, (he says) which is literally frightening.

Sure, they've made fun of me in the past, insulted me, -- for some reason, they can't stand me, and that's their right. No use at all in responding or defending.

This is a bit different though, since they're accusing me of stealing. Call me a woo, a kook, a fruitcake, nothing I can do about it. We're entitled to our opinions. Call me a liar or a thief, and, while I won't defend myself since there's nothing to defend, I am going to point it out to others.

I also have to wonder why they see fit to mention my name, if I'm a nobody, which I happily admit I am. (As one commentator said on their stinky little blog, he's never heard of me -- or Lesley.) I just do what I do because I really like doing it. (Oh, and there's the part about me trying to figure out what it is I've seen and experienced; missing time, UFOs, silly things like that.) So what do they care what I have to say? I see contradictions zipping about in their thesaurus loving brains. Why be bothered about me at all? Are they really so bored as well as insecure that they think for one moment I, or anyone else, can destroy UFOlogy? I don't know if I should be insulted or honored. After all, that's some awesome crown of power to wear! Just think, me, with the help of my friends, bringing down UFOlogy all by ourselves! Pretty groovy. I like it!

So watch out, I am now giddy with power. That, combined with my penchant for stealing, which clearly means I have no morals or ethics, and the fact my "psychological well-being is in question" there's no telling what I might do! I'd be very careful if I were you out there; you're dealing with a mad woman here. Any day now, I can just see it. . . UFOlogy will be brought down! Destroyed forever! Bwahahahaha!


Alfred Lehmberg said...

HA! Ufology _is_ indestructible! It survives you, Lesley, myself... ...AND little Richie Reynolds, super shrink extraordinaire and fatuous gas-wit. ROFL!

Atrueoriginall said...

Y'all are brave. I am weak. Always afraid that RR will lambaste me for maybe my experiences or maybe something I said.

I'm one of those types that can't fluff it off and instead I sulk and go into depression sometimes. Consequently, I don't even comment on certain blogs that RR comments on for fear of impending mental anguish, which I know will lead to excess sleep in order to drown out my pain.

It's been a very long time since I even clicked into Iconoclast or Provocateur. The last time I did, Regan will remember was when he said something nasty about her, Joe Capp and a few others. Ugh! Those statements hurt me as much as they hurt the people they were directed to. The whole world knows that Joe is a sweetheart and has a heart bigger than the sun so how could anyone ever think of something derogatory or condescending to say about him unless it was just that, which RR did. RR took Joe's ever so sweet nature and flung it around like there was something wrong with being that kind of person. Consequently, I was furious.

He's absolutely not a shrink Regan. A shrink would know how easy it is to instill physical and psychological pain in some personalities simply based on words spoken. That's basic textbook psychology on emotional abuse so if he were a shrink he would already know that and never use it. Not on a personal basis anyway but maybe for example.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

If Richy is a psychologist it would make him uniquely qualified for sociopathy, not absolve him of it, eh?

And what we do isn't really brave when the flip side is to perpetuate the behavior of one real nasty piece of work while ignoring the power we have in holding higher, more ethical and more constructive ground.

He's just another klasskurtxian krap slinger and inauspicious net weasel... but I repeat myself. You gotta whack at him every time he raises his pointy little head.

Notice in the referenced attack piece on the three of us that _everybody_ falls short ufologically... but him! How can a guy like that be taken remotely seriously?

You're afraid of a "phart cloud," verily.

Spray him with "Fabreeze," and set him outside awhile.

Quote me. [g].

Atrueoriginall said...

lol, For me it's easier to ignore then contend. I'm not a wonder woman. I'm a soon to be 57 year old baby who is extremely sensitive.

I did put two cents in though yesterday in my bloggie. Of course you can tell by the words I used on the title how chicken I was. lol :) Me silly.

Picture and the Location

Alfred Lehmberg said...

That is so cool! Welcome to our little rebel band! rofl!

Regan Lee said...

I don't like this kind of crap either, not one bit. But after awhile, it's time to say something, even though, (as has already happened if you read the posts over there) people will believe and think what they want to.

As I said, they can think of me what they like, even insult me, which they've done, as well as insulting others, but now and then, someone has to say "enough," even though it won't stop them of course.

But really, I'm a big baby too, and prefer not to get invovled. Ironically, I just wrote in this post how I get emails from people about dragging me into their stuff, and what do ya know, someone emailed this afternoon about just that, lol. I'm ignoring it.

Anyway, for me anyway, (unless something over the line happens, and it has to be really over the line) I'm done. It's over.

Rand said...

This RR sounds like a bit of an arse, sure seems to know how to get people talking about him though.

Browsing through his network of blogs, the feeling I get is cult, it's always "we agree with you", "we have to disagree with you", it's like getting responses from the borg.

Lesley said...

Since I am a known thief you probably could guess that I stole that Women of Wonder graphic from you. I am sure someone will report me to Richie.

Really the truth is that nothing RR says means a damn thing -- almost nobody likes or trusts him at this point. His blogs contain at least 95% pure whining, bitching and bashing, it is done so often that it has become meaningless probably even to those that may agree with it.

More on that topic when I get home from Seattle and have more time to write a post at Debunklicans.

BTW, great post Regan!

What shall we bring down after Ufology? I wouldn't want our super powers to go to waste.

Regan Lee said...

thanks Lesley. Oh wait, you are now my sworn enemy -- you stole my pic! How DARE you, Madam!

It's war you now. Who shall bring down UFOlogy first?

GL said...

I wish you luck in your endeavors. Destruction is surely imminent.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Naw GL, I'm betting it will even survive... you.

hammer said...

Dear Lesley,
you are one of those who are seeking the truth. I've been on the quest for the truth of our reality for a long time. I don't think you would spend so much time setting up a web-site and corresponding the way you do if you weren't driven. It is my purpose in this life to find the truth. Why should one exist in the first place. Are we here just to be consumers? I think not. We are here to continue to evolve. We have no idea of the future that awaits us. It is beyond our comprehension. I am glad you are making an attempt to get people interested in their possible future.

Lesley said...

Thanks Hammer!

You are right -- I am only seeking the truth, I don't claim to have it or even be near it.

We are more than consumers.

hammer said...

I like your site. I think you're nearer the truth than you think. I'm going to continue my experiment to contact the so called "aliens". We know they are out there, but what are they and where do they come from? That's what I want to find out. I'm going to keep trying with different methods. I think it is important that we all stay in touch and try to be friends.